Google Aiming For First AI Robots

Adding to it’s already impressive, multi-billion dollar portfolio, Google has recently acquired UK artificial intelligence start-up

How To Become 1 With Truth

When your life hangs on the line, it is
27 August | by Michael Thomas

5 Ways To Help Prevent You From Getting Cancer

Cancer is a disease of malfunctioning cell division, which
26 June | by Michael Thomas

Effective Immediately: Mexico Bans GMO Corn

The war against Monsanto and genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
21 October | by M Caulfield

Power of the Mind: What You Think Shapes What You See

Our thoughts come together to give us perspectives and attitudes through which we define and relate

GMO Soybean Found Illegally Growing in Northern Belize Just Months After GMO Awareness Campaign.

A press release issued by the Government of Belize
14 June | by Aaron Jackson

Antidepressants May Worsen Depression And Psychological Problems

A new study by the University of Liverpool, involving
1 March | by Michael Thomas

See The Human Cost Of Your iPhone… It Will Shock You

We’d like to think slavery is in the past,
21 May | by Aaron Jackson

Gaza Oil and Gas: The Real Reason Behind War?

27 July | by Katharine J. Tobal
The death toll from Israeli violence in Gaza approached 1000 Palestinians by the 26th of July; the number is increasing, according to reports from
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Snowden’s Quantum Leap

Do Snowden's revelations create "problems that outweigh the benefit

This Is What Looking Down at Your Cell Phone Does to Your Spine

Our cell phones and tablets have transformed the way
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Gaza Cease-Fire Ends! Ibrahim Is The First Killed

“We know too well that our freedom is incomplete