Great Barrier Reef In Jeopardy Due To New Coal Mine

  The Great Barrier Reef, composed of 2,900 individual reefs and 900 submerged islands, stretches over 2,300

Food Preservation: The Art Of and The Dangers

When people buy food these days it is either
19 August | by Asura

Could New Chinese Research Allow 2,900 km/h Trains?

Dr. Deng Zigang is doing work at the Applied
31 May | by M Caulfield

Speeding Towards Biosphere Collapse

Since I was a kid, I have heard people
27 July | by Michael Thomas

How Much Water Do We Really Have?

Even though few of us in the “civilized” world notice it: there is an ever-dwindling supply
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Police Look To Criminalize Cannabis Odor

Colorado and Washington became the first states to pass
17 November | by M Caulfield

Homeschooling On The Rise

The education of children and young adults in society
27 August | by M Caulfield

Iowa Senate Successful In Passing Marijuana Oil Legalization Bill

The Iowa Senate has passed a bill that legalizes
30 April | by M Caulfield

3D Printers – What Will They Print Next?

14 August | by M Caulfield
3D printers are able to make virtually any solid three-dimensional object from a digital model. 3D printers are able to create these objects using an additive process,

Anti-Surveillance Fashion Gaining Momentum

With the governments’ perpetual encroachment on our privacy, there
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Farmer Sentenced to 3 yrs in Prison Thanks to Help from Predator Drone

Rodney Brossart, a farmer from North Dakota, is the

New Study Suggests Legalization Reduces Violent Crime

A new study which looked at the relationship between