What Music Does To Your Mind And Mood

Music is a vibrational tool to change moods, with the great power it can have over

An Alternative To Conventional Farming: Aquaponics

With the increasing demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural
31 October | by M Caulfield

8 “Animal Facts” That Are Actually Wrong

If written or spread early enough, and not investigated,
16 May | by Michael Thomas

Cannabis Biotech: Creating A 30-Foot Marijuana Tree

The modification of plants using selective breeding, phytohormones which
27 July | by Michael Thomas

The Water Bottle Deception

Why do people pay for something they can pretty much get for free? Convenience. Bottled water

Do Yourself A Favor: Get Enough Sleep

A lack of sleep can contribute to many health problems such
30 October | by Katharine J. Tobal

Ending Food Waste While Creating Jobs

Billions of tons worth of food is thrown in
28 January | by M Caulfield

Monsanto Pesticides To Blame For Birth Defects In Argentina

Argentina has become one of the worlds largest soybean producers,
10 November | by M Caulfield

3 Massacres Committed by Israel in Less Than A Week

25 July | by Katharine J. Tobal
More than 630 deaths have been recorded so far, as Israel continues its brutal assault on Gaza. Israel launched its offensive on the 8th of July, and

Why I’m Not A Patriot

People are often called Patriotic, as an achievement, for

Man Detained In Psychiatric Ward For Giving Out Hundreds Of Dollars To Strangers

Officials in Halifax, Canada, have detained a man because
Human Rights

Hacked Webcams, And The “Rise of Cyber-Terrorism”

Some of us have been covering up our webcams,