Why Do I Care?

When we talk about things like human survival or even the corruption of our states and
Law Violation

Are Police Departments Aiming Low?

Is it true that police departments aim to hire
8 September | by M Caulfield
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TEPCO Extracting Fuel Rods: More Trouble At Fukushima

It seems that cleanup efforts for the Fukushima nuclear
25 November | by M Caulfield

How Dehydration Damages Your Health

Water is very important component for your body. Depending
6 September | by Katharine J. Tobal

Why We Must Stand Up For Our Privacy

I’m a big tech guy, and I love the latest in phone technology.  I recently read

Recognizing And Stopping Domestic Abuse (Trigger Warning)

“He reached across the kitchen table, choked me and
27 August | by Janina Ottma

First Medical Marijuana Restaurant in Vancouver

Vancouver’s Mega ILL cafe is making headlines this week
29 May | by Katharine J. Tobal

Wood Pulp In Your Burgers, Fries, And Smoothies?

There is an ingredient in the food of McDonalds,
9 July | by M Caulfield

New Study Suggests Legalization Reduces Violent Crime

29 March | by M Caulfield
A new study which looked at the relationship between cannabis legalization and crime, conducted by the UT Dallas, has concluded that there is no

Understanding Eminent Domain

More and more people are becoming aware of an
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Italy Demands Truth Over NSA Spying

Italian Interior Minister and Deputy Premier Angelino Alfano on
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Microsoft and Google To Sue U.S. Federal Government

Tech companies (incl Google + Microsoft) are suing the