Low Intelligence Linked To Racism

Frankly, those who give in to racism and prejudice may just simply be rather unintelligent. One

How Much Do Your Genes Determine Your Personality?

One of the most classic arguments: is it nature
16 October | by Michael Thomas

14 Interesting Facts You Don’t Know About Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was an electrical engineer, inventor and one of the
22 June | by Katharine J. Tobal

The Flying Cars Have Arrived

A world with flying cars may not be too
10 November | by M Caulfield
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Police Look To Criminalize Cannabis Odor

Colorado and Washington became the first states to pass referendums and legalize cannabis for recreational use.
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Catch 22 in Cannabis Legalisation? Monsanto Weed?

As the consumption of cannabis, also known as marijuana,
2 January | by Michael Thomas

How Dehydration Damages Your Health

Water is very important component for your body. Depending
6 September | by Katharine J. Tobal
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Building Tiny Homes For The Homeless

Homelessness is a growing problem in the United States,
1 January | by M Caulfield

Billionaire Sexually Assaults 13-Year-Old And Is Fined $6000

9 June | by M Caulfield
Thanks to his productivity and family success (one of multiple heirs to the SC Johnson fortune), billionaire heir Samuel Curtis Johnson III was only

Are GMOs All Bad? The Truth about GMOs

One of the hottest and most controversial issues in

Is “Common Core” Causing More Problems Than It Solves?

A hot topic today in American politics are the “Common

Governor Makes Sure Big Oil and Gas Can’t Be Sued

Gov. Bobby Jindal recently signed a law that will