Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity Doesn’t Exist

Over the past several years, the “gluten-free” trend has surged in popularity with consumers. As a
Child Services

Thousands Of Children In Solitary Confinement

An unbelievably widespread practice exists of placing children in
27 September | by M Caulfield
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1/3 of West Virginia Without Water After Chemical Spill

The state of West Virginia announced a state of
13 January | by M Caulfield

Building The Future From Home

The future of technology may be open-source and designed/created
15 December | by Michael Thomas

An Increasing Number Of People Think Astrology Is Science…

Astrology is the study of how the position of the stars relative to us on Earth

Do You Know What’s In Your Burger?

The fast food industry is a multi-billion dollar market,
7 September | by M Caulfield

Why Some GMO Foods Don’t Have Genetically Modified DNA

If I hear someone say “GMO ingredient” one more
24 January | by Michael Thomas
Mental Health

Are Selfies Really Connected To Mental Illness And Addiction?

If you look at your favorite pseudoscientific website, you
28 December | by Michael Thomas

10 Historically Awful Diseases You Didn’t Realize Could Still Kill You

15 February | by Katharine J. Tobal
We live in a modern world full of reasonably advanced medical technology and disease treatment. So, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you’re more likely
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Colorado Recall Election Over Gun Control

In a devastating blow to gun-control advocates, Colorado lawmakers

Amazonian Tribe Emerges From Isolation In Brazil

Brazil’s Indian Affairs Department, FUNAI, announced last week that
Bradley Manning

Hooked On Spying: More Damning NSA Revelations

It seems that government officials can’t begin to justify