Why “White People Can’t Dance”

Now, before anyone gets mad: I am the child of two professional dancers who earned the

The Rise In Drone Education

In the empire that is America, piloting unmanned aerial
19 September | by M Caulfield

China 10X Beyond Safe Limits: Out Of Control Pollution

Earlier this year saw reports of China using giant
8 April | by M Caulfield

Can Spicy Foods Help Fight Cancer And Extend Life?

For years, everyone had assumed that the “spicy” molecule
5 August | by Michael Thomas
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Nigeria Fires 16,000 Doctors During Ebola Epidemic

Ebola is nothing to laugh at, with this current outbreak being categorized as a global health emergency

Why You’re Probably Wrong About Our Most Important Problem

Every year, or actually multiple times every year, GALLUP
24 December | by Michael Thomas

Judge Rules Living Off The Grid To Be Illegal

From starting home gardens, to collecting rainwater, there are
23 March | by M Caulfield

New Study Suggests Legalization Reduces Violent Crime

A new study which looked at the relationship between
29 March | by M Caulfield

“Totally Innocent” Man Shot Dead By NYPD: “Just An Accident”

3 December | by Han Gregory
A rookie NYPD officer “accidentally” shot and killed an unarmed African-American man in a staircase in a New York apartment block. It happened as

Is The War On Terror Meant To End?

The definition of terrorism has been widely debated, arguably

Recognizing And Stopping Domestic Abuse (Trigger Warning)

“He reached across the kitchen table, choked me and
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David Cameron: I Will Replace The Human Rights Act

The Human Rights Act will be axed, Prime Minister