You Will Soon Be Growing Your Own Electricity

Research has been underway to harness the power of bacteria and turn it into electrical power

Duke Energy Still Open After 8th Environmental Violation In 1 Month

There has been another coal ash disaster and Duke
25 March | by M Caulfield

Human Evolution And Our Future

Humans consider themselves the epitome of evolution: spanning the
15 October | by Michael Thomas

15 Insanely Important Facts About Animal Agriculture

Up until I heard lectures on ecology in my university,
11 April | by Michael Thomas

Snipers Surround Rancher’s Property Over Refusal To Pay Grazing Fees

Cliven Bundy, a rancher in Clark County, Nev., has been engaged in a long and strenuous
Animal Rights

New Science Says Your Dog Can Understand You

A new study published in the journal Cell, by Victoria
27 November | by Michael Thomas

States Change To Red And Green In Midterm Elections

Yesterday, November 4th, midterm elections were held throughout the
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Why Some GMO Foods Don’t Have Genetically Modified DNA

If I hear someone say “GMO ingredient” one more
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Woolwich: Endemic Insanity?

29 May | by Deborah Mahmoudieh
It is wrong that enraged people decide to act out their thirst for vengeance on an unarmed, off-duty soldier: This has only empowered the

Exposing The Healing Powers of Hallucinogens

Journalist Abby Martin has reported an exclusive interview with

Plastic Is Actually Pretty Scary: BPA-Free Means Nothing

Recently, the health effects of certain plastics, specifically BPA

In what size do women feel most comfortable and attractive?

The short answer is, according to the most recent