Did Ford invent hemp cars which run on hemp fuel?

Even though you probably never heard about it and they never offered it for purchase: Ford

Why We Should Talk More Openly About Mental Health Issues

Over the past month, I talked with people affected
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Tesla’s Cold Fire Explained

This electrical dry bath is called Cold Fire. Tesla's
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123 Studies Show Cannabis Can Help Cure Cancer

This article is a far more detailed version of a smaller collection of studies showing the medicinal

Ebola Vaccine Going Live In Mali

The “anti-Ebola vaccine” has moved from animal trials in
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Recycling waste into protein rich food

This might sound far-fetched, but ironically the idea isn’t
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This Is What Looking Down at Your Cell Phone Does to Your Spine

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The Amazing Health Benefits of Marijuana

30 September | by Katharine J. Tobal
More than 70% of Americans are in favor of medical marijuana, and this rate has been increasing every year. This trend is reinforced because

Is Taking “The Pill” Safe?

Asking the question of whether it is safe to

What are the 5 best places for off-grid living?

Who doesn’t dream of living with nature, supporting yourself

“Totally Innocent” Man Shot Dead By NYPD: “Just An Accident”

A rookie NYPD officer “accidentally” shot and killed an