Can We Be Healed By Nutrition?

“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates Hippocrates laid

Can Cannabis Cure Cancer?

Cannabis can cure cancer! This is the future in
27 August | by Tim Lubej

Brainwashed People Sign Petition “I Support an Orwellian Police State in America”

Political prankster Mark Dice asks San Diego beach-goers if
5 February | by William Home

Human Extinction Without a Squeak?

If environmental problems are so serious, if we are
7 April | by Michael Thomas

Tesla’s Cold Fire Explained

This electrical dry bath is called Cold Fire. Tesla's work produced far more than just entertaining

Fukushima Didn’t Just Melt Down: It Melted Through

Years after the Fukushima disaster, we are still hearing
28 April | by M Caulfield

Should Prostitution Be A Crime?

Prostitution has been around for centuries, it is often
6 October | by M Caulfield

How Does MSG Impact Your Health?

The short answer is: MSG is bad for you.
18 July | by Michael Thomas

Filming Police Is (Your) Right

20 February | by M Caulfield
Are you allowed to film the police? Well, many federal courts have upheld the right of citizens to record their interactions with police officers
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In Solidarity with the Turkish Resistance

This is a response to the call of the

Snipers Surround Rancher’s Property Over Refusal To Pay Grazing Fees

Cliven Bundy, a rancher in Clark County, Nev., has
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The Rise Of Mexican Self-Defense Groups

Mexico has been experiencing a violent and ongoing drug