Tent Cities Are Growing Throughout The U.S.

The National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty (NLCHP), a non-profit advocacy group, recently released a

Human Evolution And Our Future

Humans consider themselves the epitome of evolution: spanning the
15 October | by Michael Thomas

How Much Do Your Genes Determine Your Personality?

One of the most classic arguments: is it nature
16 October | by Michael Thomas

Stem Cells and Eternal Life

Stem cells will likely play a central role in
28 October | by Michael Thomas

Police Chief Threatens Online Cannabis Supporters

Police Chief Ruben Santiago recently aroused a backlash of aggressive criticism for the Columbia Police Department,

An Honest Discussion About Vaccines And Immunization

New techniques may enable us to perfect the art
2 August | by Michael Thomas

Global GMO Protest: Thousands March Against Monsanto

Thousands of activists took to the streets this weekend
13 October | by M Caulfield

An Alternative To Conventional Farming: Aquaponics

With the increasing demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural
31 October | by M Caulfield

New Head of FBI Links to Banking and Arms Industry

30 July | by clearsteam
The U.S. Senate confirmed James B. Comey Jr. to be the next director of the FBI on July 29. The first new director of
Child Services

Why TV Is More Dangerous Than You Think

The beginning years of life are critical for neural

Capital One Now Coming To Your Home And Work Looking for Payment

Credit Card debt is a problem for a growing
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Texas Cop Shoots Unarmed Student Five Times In The Back

An autopsy of 23-year-old Cameron Redus, showed that the