New Bacteria Discovered That Feast Directly On Electrons

If you thought the discovery of fungus able to use ionizing radiation for food was surprising, this

15 Insanely Important Facts About Animal Agriculture

Up until I heard lectures on ecology in my university,
11 April | by Michael Thomas

Drones Delivering Packages To Your Door?

The word ‘drone’ often readily springs to mind fearful
5 December | by M Caulfield
Self Improvement

What makes a man a “real man”?

We are bombarded with hundreds of thousands of models
31 August | by Janina Ottma

Chick-Fil-A Making The Transition To Antibiotic-Free Chicken

Prominent food blogger and activist, Vani Hari, has been in contact with Chick-fil-A representatives, and along with

A virus that makes you stupid has infected up to 1/2 of humanity

Although a few stops short of a zombie apocalypse,
1 November | by Michael Thomas

Two massive protests you might have missed this weekend

This weekend was an exciting one globally: hundreds of
12 October | by Michael Thomas

Why Sanity In Your Old Age May Depend On Vitamin D

Despite carrying the misnomer “vitamin”, vitamin D is one
10 August | by Michael Thomas

Marijuana Criminalization Under Attack in Congress

12 February | by Infovideos
Earl Blumenhauer gets annoyed by “Drug Czar” Boticelli’s inability to state whether marijuana was actually harmful, or if anyone had ever died from it.

Why We Need To Consider Peaceful Parenting

With the rising interest in the topic of individual

NDAA Passed While Media Preoccupied With Robertson Controversy

Many people have been in a frenzy over the
Edward Snowden

Senate Deciding Who Is or Isn’t A “Real Journalist”

Today, the Senate Judiciary Committee cleared a bill that