30 Meaningful Photographs Of ‘Where Children Sleep’

Months ago, the talented Venice based photographer James Mollison released a project under the name “Where Children

Earth Overshoot 2015: In Debt Even Earlier Than Last Year

Each year, humans use more of the planet’s natural
20 August | by Michael Thomas

First Animal to Survive in Space

Tardigrades or “Water Bears” are the only creatures that
4 February | by William Home

Earth has crossed 4 out of 9 planetary boundaries for hospitable life

Some of us are more surprised than others about
17 March | by Michael Thomas
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Deadly new disease threatens largest wheat producing region

Researchers warn of a stem rust that could have returned to the largest wheat producing region

The Truth About The Paracas Skulls

There have been multiple articles, videos, radio shows and
10 December | by Aaron Jackson

This new method of pest control impressed me a lot

Yes, you read that right: the newest form of
4 March | by Michael Thomas
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Neo-nazis get on the wrong train and miss their own protest

This might sound like the beginning of a joke,
2 February | by Michael Thomas

10 things you can do every day to change the world

5 September | by Michael Thomas
Life doesn’t always offer us ways of making major changes overnight, either to ourselves or our environments, but it frequently offers us chances to
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95% of weapons get past TSA in internal check

To determine the effectiveness of what has become one
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5 news stories you probably missed this week

This week was a busy week in the news,

Over 3,200 US prisoners serving life sentences for non-violent crimes

Over 3,200 people in the United States are serving