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Mammoth toxic algae bloom growing off the West Coast

One of the biggest toxic algae blooms in recent history can be seen off the West Coast

Watch A Psychologist Reveal The Hidden Truth About Sex Offenders

Why does sexual abuse continue to happen so often
19 September | by Michael Thomas

Chicken Virus Kills Prostate Cancer

Scientists have found a new way to target and
10 April | by Aaron Jackson

Speeding Towards Biosphere Collapse

Since I was a kid, I have heard people
27 July | by Michael Thomas
Human Rights

Man jailed for $5 theft found dead in cell

In yet another strange case where a person has died of “natural causes” (or suicide) while

Y Quit? Men Appear To Lose Their Y-Chromosomes From Smoking

Male smokers are 3 times more likely than non-smoking
10 December | by Katharine J. Tobal

Do You Know What’s In Your Burger?

The fast food industry is a multi-billion dollar market,
7 September | by M Caulfield

New Free School Lunch Initiative

Cities such as Detroit, Boston, and Chicago, are participating
8 September | by M Caulfield

How our view of mental health has, and will, change

25 September | by Michael Thomas
From an “imbalance of the humors” requiring leeches to a “possession by the devil” requiring whipping or an exorcism onwards to dysfunction to be

Do 105 Photos Show Stonehenge Being Built 100 Years Ago?

Stonehenge, located in Wiltshire, England, is one of those

10 things you can do every day to change the world

Life doesn’t always offer us ways of making major

Homeschooling On The Rise

The education of children and young adults in society