Millions of users are using Google apps, devices, tools and features today. Google has succeeded in occupying the search niche, carrying out more than 70% of all internet searches. Still, even if you use Google daily, there are quite a lot of unrevealed features and tricks from Google just waiting to be found.

1. Check Flight Status


Easily, you can type the requested airline and flight number into Google’s search box then you’ll get – as the top results – all the details you need for this flight. By using this feature, you can keep up-to-date with any flight without having to constantly check the airline’s website.

2. Search for Faces Only


I made the previous image when I typed “George Michael” in the search bar and chose “faces”. Sometimes you need to do this if you’re looking for Faces Only!

3. Site Search

To use this feature, you need to type the keyword ‘site:’ to make Google only show the results from one site. For example, I typed “ truth”. So as you see, I got stories about the word ‘truth’ from the Exposing The Truth website.


4. Decrease Email Length


Sometimes, you need to reply to specific part of text someone sent you. The nice way to do that is to highlight that part before hitting reply. This trick will add only the selected part to the quoted text and leave the rest out of your reply!

5. 42 as the answer to life


To know what this “42” is about, you need to have a look at The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Although, we can say it’s the mysterious answer to life, the universe and everything.

6. Faster Way to Translate


Before you go to Google Translator, check this cool feature by typing ‘translate to ’ in the main search bar. Here is an example, I typed: ‘translate hola to english’, Google returns the following result, as hola (in Spanish) means hi (in English).

7. Play Games on YouTube


● Go to YouTube.

● Pick a random video.

● For example, type 1980.

Now, you’ll get the missile defense game where you will have to protect your video from an impending attack! If you lose, your video will crack apart. Some use this feature to pass the time while waiting for something online.

8. Calculator


You may think that this calculator is simple one, but in fact, it’s much more than you think! Not only able to do basic math functions, it can also achieve logarithmic calculations, constants, as well as functions like Cos and Sin. This calculator may also help you if you need to translate numbers into binary code.

9. Using Public Data

This feature gives you the ability to check trends for population and unemployment rates of various cities and counties. To use it, all you need to do is typing ‘population’ or ‘unemployment rate’ followed by the location you want. For example, I typed: “population rate US” and got the following result:


10. Going to Mordor


This feature, which is a bit strange, is built on the famous movie The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. By using it, you can get walking directions from “The Shire” or “Rivendell” to “Mordor”! If you type the words and ignore all the auto-complete suggestions, you’ll get the route! It would be interesting for many to figure it out and find their theoretical path to Mordor!

11. Follow your Package


Some keep tracking what they bought from eBay via specific websites. With this cool feature, there is no need to enter your tracking number in the website of the sender or websites such as UPS or Fedex. All you need to do is easily typing the tracking number of your package into the Google search, and Google will show you all the details you want to know.

12. Browse The Classics


This feature can be found on Google Book Search which gives you the chance to browse the pages of classic books and latest magazines. It would be very nice idea if you use this feature before you buy, check out, or borrow the book you are looking for.

13. Use Google as a Proxy

Another cool feature which could be very useful for every, and all you need to do is typing as the following: “” into the search box and avoid the block.


14. Getting Conversions


Most of us may need this feature from time to time. It calculates currency and unit conversions which can be used by using the syntax: <amount> <unit1> in <unit2>. For example, you could type ’2 GBP in USD’, ’55 F in C’ … etc. You’ll get the answer quickly.

15. Chat With Aliens


It’s another feature to have some fun! Just like Mars Feature on Google Earth 5 allows users to explore the surface of Mars and have some talk with an “alien”, this feature allows you to type the word “Meliza” into the search box and see the results! It deserves to give a try.

16. Time zones


The syntax you’ll use is ‘time in <place>’, it will return the local time and the time zone for the place you asked.

17. Find Local Film Showings


If you’re interested in knowing information about the latest movie showing, this feature for you! All you need to do is typing ‘films’ or ‘movies’ followed by your postcode.

18. Weather Updates


To get information about the weather at any city, just type the name of a city followed by ‘forecast’, and Google will show all the information you need, depending to data from The Weather Channel. This also includes levels of precipitation, humidity and wind.