Imagine that there was a corporation that had access to your internet activity, your phone records, even down to what snail mail post you receive and from what areas. Providing information for the likes of JP Morgan, administering Medicaid and insurance and information for the banking sector in general.

Who has more access to your data than the Government? Megacorps - The Heart of the Beast revealed - Exposing The Truth
Providing data mining information for the military industrial complex; BAE systems, Northrop Grumman, DuPont, EADS (The European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company N.V.), NASA, the U.S. Army, AT&T, and Monsanto.  A business that previously owned one of four contractors for DHS in contingency planning;  building installations and “FEMA” camps among other things, (along with KBR and FLUOR under the LOGCAP (Logistics Civil Augmentation Program) agreement).

Who has more access to your data than the Government? Megacorps - The Heart of the Beast revealed - Exposing The Truth

Now imagine that same company, owned a private military contractor that provided close security for Iraqi and Afghan leaders, among other mercenary and intel gathering tasks, it sold the majority of the business on after two years; DynCorp had been involved in too many actionable scandals, from child sex trafficking in the Balkans, to poisoning crops and people in Ecuador as part of the war on drugs .  More recently after the rendition scandals it has just offloaded its black-ops foreign base support sections to PAE systems, but it could equally be because the “war on terror” is entering a new phase after the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and Iraq.

Who has more access to your data than the Government? Megacorps - The Heart of the Beast revealed - Exposing The Truth

CSC (Computer Sciences Corporation) has itself been criticized for arranging several rendition flights for the US Government (were just IT outsourcers really… honest), Imagine a corporation in creative partnerships with BAE systems (on record for being criticised for espionage tactics on the Campaign Against the Arms Trade  C.A.A.T.,  international bribery), also in bed with Northrop-Grumman creating the “Eagle Alliance” that does the data-mining for the NSA. (Northrop Grumman having already been reprimanded for selling US secret technical data about the President’s Air-Force One.)

Who has more access to your data than the Government? Megacorps - The Heart of the Beast revealed - Exposing The Truth
Imagine a corporation that paid no taxes between 2008-2010, received tax credits from the US taxpayer of $305million in the same period that it made profits of $1.67 billion and spent $4.39 million on lobbying congress.

Now imagine that it has been handed a whole lot more information as the lead provider of “The Eagle Alliance” together with Northrop Grumman for the NSA, complete with backdoors into most Microsoft machines.

No need to imagine, it’s a fact.

While one of the corporations administering the NSA received a $14million fine in 2010 for selling top secret specifications of Airforce One to a Russian company, the other boasts on its glossy brochure to Fortune 500 enterprises in general, and the Military Industrial Complex in Particular, that it has big data and that sometimes you need this data, right down to individual Facebook conversations..

“Now, an organization needs the ability to derive intelligence from internal and external sources and from structured and unstructured data. These sources of unstructured data include not just the emails and calls that come into an organization, but also rich data from blog and forum threads, trending topics on Twitter, video, machine data and perhaps even conversations on Facebook.”
– CSC brochure

It’s not Barack looking at my stuff  that’s the problem, it’s the military industrial complex itself… sorry, I shocked myself this week researching this, I wasn’t paranoid enough apparently, and the funny thing is, that despite being in the top 100 federal contractors and a fortune 500 enterprise … you have probably never heard of CSC before… I hadn’t.

Welcome to one of the two corporations that administer data for the NSA:

“CSC employs about 98,000 employees (as of March 30, 2012) in 90 countries and ranks among the largest outsourcing companies in the world.[2]It has about 2,500 Clients, among which are almost every agency of the U.S. Federal Government and nearly half of the Fortune 500 financial services companies. With its 100+ alliances, CSC services clients – governments and commercial enterprises that rely upon the use of information services and associated systems for the conduct of their operations and commonly engage with industry specialists for the development, deployment, and ongoing operation of IT services and IT-enabled business operations. CSC provides its services to clients around the world and in many commercial industries, as well as to governments of the U.S. federal, state, and local segments, in addition to other governments.”
– Wikipedia – Computer Sciences Corporation

According to reports the NSA only made 300 requests for phone data, and that these requests have saved lives, however with CSC and Northrop Grumman having full unfettered access to the data, and even boasting about potentially having access to your individual internet chat conversations in real time, it doesn’t matter what the government sees, if the guys who really want my money can see more of it and exploit it for profit, while keeping us focused on the NSA whistleblower rather than the corporations with much deeper access than the NSA itself then the military industrial complex may have won, not even governments can stop them, or can they?.

CSC uses this data (such as your freely available social media connections) to identify potentially fraudulent insurance claims, so if you are connected on the internet with people who have committed insurance fraud before, know that your next claim will be investigated further, and is a leading developer of biometric data (the feared RFID technology and iris scans) for the UK border agency among others.

Your phone bill..  This was generated by the TIRKS system (Trunks Integrated Record Keeping System), which itself was created through a partnership between CSC and AT&T back in 1969 and is used to collect all the data necessary for billing you for your calls, it is still used by AT&T, Verizon, CenturyLink, and Cincinnati Bell Telephone.

Your post… the snail mail, paper messages, well if you live in the UK or the US, CSC has the data as to how many letters you have received and the location of their posting… it runs the data-service for both the Royal Mail, and the US Postal service.

And you know your Internet of course, providing the systems for NSA , it looks like CSC has all communication covered and monitored, with the exception of actually physically meeting and conversing with someone, but heck maybe they have found a way around that too.

All sorts of legislation are being prepared so that the US Government is allowed to see certain data to a limited extent, empowering CSC as the true enabler of this sort of record keeping.

We get very anxious about the Government having access to our data, and rightly there are many restrictions, however the data seems like it has already been pillaged by unfettered corporations, before state gets a glimpse at the corner of the page…

For a huge price… that we pay anyway.

What we really need is for the government to set in stone the privacy of our information, even if it has to look at aspects of it itself occasionally. An outsourcing specialist should not be able to sell private data and privileged information to other corporations, nor even boast about it in its promotion material.

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