clothing88With the governments’ perpetual encroachment on our privacy, there is a growing market for positive and friendly anti-surveillance solutions. The ever-widening surveillance state and recent scandals have given rise to a type of counter surveillance fashion, which incorporates anti-surveillance technology into fashion trends, making it available to the everyday consumer. The counter surveillance fashion items are a far cry from the typically expected tinfoil hat. The trend has led to the creation of anti-surveillance pouches, hoodies, jackets, ponchos, and even an LED purse that’s activated when a flash goes off and distorts the photo with a glaring white light.

With the increasing concern for security and privacy, there appears to be a growing market for items which can help to enable the consumer in avoiding detection. Stealth Wear, is a new line of apparel which incorporates anti-drone technology into clothing. The clothing can thwart cameras and block tracking signals. The creator, Adam Harvey, designed the high-tech clothing items using the same metallised material that is used to counter infra-red cameras that spy drones use to locate people. The clothing line also offers a pouch for carrying mobile phones, the fabric of the pouch blocks the signal so it can’t be tracked.

“People see it as technology [which] they can use in their own way,” – creator, Adam Harvey


The collaboration is spreading, Youtube users are giving makeup tutorials on how to avoid facial recognition, the pro-privacy fashion trend is even showing up on the runway in the shows of Umit Benan, Martin Margiela, and others. There is a market for products which can help people get around having their rights and privacy violated.

The Stealth Wear designs could cost you upwards of $500. Meanwhile, more reasonably priced anti-surveillance items, minus the anti-surveillance technology, are also available: t-shirts, ties, sweatshirts, baby clothes, jackets, and other items.

 “These pieces are designed to live with [surveillance], to cope with it – to live in a world where surveillance is happening all the time,” — Adam Harvey, Stealth Wear creator

With the increasing threat of drone use over American soil, it is no wonder that some people are interested in items which can help them to avoid any remote detection from technology that is unjustly invading their privacy and endangering their personal safety. And because it seems almost all of us can agree we should have a certain right to privacy, I am unsure as to whether the merger of anti-surveillance technology into fashion items is comical, or depressing because of its necessity.