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See The Human Cost Of Your iPhone… It Will Shock You

We’d like to think slavery is in the past, but this short and to-the-point documentary asks you to consider that the cellphone you’re holding in your hand may have involved something equally terrible: young Chinese workers enduring 15-hour days without holidays or rights. These

We Have Been Misled By An Erroneous Map Of The World For 500 Years

An explanation for the use of a false map, and why we should switch to teaching our kids a map based on true relative size, was featured in The West Wing, see the clip below. As mentioned in the video, the map can be used

No More Backyard Chickens Or Small Farmers Allowed in Michigan?

Due to a new ruling from Michigan’s Commission of Agriculture and Rural Development, residents will lose their right to keep livestock on their own property. On April 28th, 2014, the commission ruled that local governments have the right to ban livestock from any area

How 37 Banks Became 4 In Just 2 Decades, All In One Astonishing Chart

If you were wondering how banks got “too big to fail,” here’s a good place to start. This chart shows us how, over the last couple of decades, 37 banks have became just 4 mega-banks. These same 4 mega-banks have, thus far, been immune to the

Ohio Plans To Drug Test Students, Hides Conflict Of Interest

A Massachusetts based medical company hopes to expand its market and increase their profits by drug-testing private school students, with the help of its CEO’s brother. One of three schools, St. Edward High School in Cleveland, is overseen by James Kubacki. His brother, Raymond

Outrage as Indiana Police Officer Caught Abusing His Dog

An unidentified police officer from Hammond, Indiana, has been placed on administrative leave after a video was uploaded onto YouTube showing the officer hitting the dog with a leash, and hanging the dog in mid-air. In a statement, Hammond police department said: “The Department has observed

Children See Children Do

NAPCAN, Australia’s National Association for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect, launched a thought-provoking television/cinema campaign last year with “Children See, Children Do”. The 90 second spot features children following adults, mimicking their habits. It is a vivid display of Bandura’s social cognitive learning

Is Jacob Rothschild Behind The Disappearance of Flight MH370?

Perhaps the most popular conspiracy theory regarding the missing Malaysian plane MH370 is that Jacob Rothschild is behind it, so that he could profit by being the sole owner of a patent. Much like the leaked image Diego Garcia MH370 story, the information originated on

Is Missing Plane MH370 at Diego Garcia?

Is the missing Malaysian Airlines plane MH370, a Boeing 777, being held at a remote island called Diego Garcia? The claim appears to have originated on the internet forum 4chan, unfortunately the original post has been removed by 4chan admins, however a mirror website

Comedian Al Murray Sums Up The History Of British Politics

In just over 4 minutes Al Murray (renown comedian) sums up the history of British politics. Despite being a comedian, Murray has a Masters Degree in Modern History from St Edmund Hall, Oxford, so there is more to his act than just laughter.