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Chicken Virus Kills Prostate Cancer

Scientists have found a new way to target and kill human prostate cancer by genetically modifying the chicken virus Newcastle disease.

Learned Social Classism, Is Working Usually Even Ethical?

As explained in the article Learning Careerism As A Moral Reward System; our society, specifically our education system teaches and prepared us for a careerist lifestyle. Or simply put, working for money is considered success in our societies. But not only does it teach

Learning Careerism As A Moral Reward System

The concepts of consumerism and careerism are predominant in first world countries, and are increasing in countries with less “advanced” economies too, but why? The definition of careerism or a careerist is “the characteristics associated with one who advances his career even at the

Plans To Shut Down California Medical Marijuana Stores In Progress

The Justice Department has announced plans to crackdown on the medical marijuana industry in California, despite a voter-approved initiative to legalize it.