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IQ scores are rising, so why does it feel like people are getting dumber?  

That’s right. IQ scores have been rising by an average of three points per decade since they were first introduced about 100 years ago. The people who administer these tests have to keep adjusting them (make them harder) so that the mean score will

Fear & FEMA-Camps: Looking Behind The Hype

Fear is a powerful emotion that drives us to act without thought. In fact, this is why we evolved fear—as a protective mechanism. Our ancestors, while walking through the wilds of Africa, did not have time to stop and ponder the best course of

The “Growth Is Good” Fallacy

The economic systems of the world today are all built on the concept of continued growth. A Google search on “continued growth and business” will bring up a list of companies, cities and state governments, all extolling the virtues of unlimited growth. Corporations proudly

Capitalism or Corporatism?

The United States is built upon an economic system to which we have applied the label “Capitalism.” We have been conditioned to believe in the virtues of this system, and we often accept this uncritically. We are told that capitalism is far better than