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What’s the problem with Bioenergy?

It’s a common assumption that bioenergy is a new green technology, or at least one that is a better alternative to current fossil fuels, but this often isn’t the case. Statistics behind bioenergy look impressive on the face of it. 33.6% of energy in

How 10,000 years of selective breeding changed our food

Long before humans understood genes, they were selectively breeding animals (like dogs, sheep, etc) and plants to improve desired characteristics. Much of what we eat today on the international plate were crops that were once only grown in specific corners of the world, and

Recycling waste into protein rich food

This might sound far-fetched, but ironically the idea isn’t even new. Since around the 1970s, humans have been successfully turning agricultural waste into actual food with the help of fungus and/or bacteria. In fact there exists at least one highly successful food based on

Feeding the world using less land and no added chemicals

We can basically all agree that the best way to feed the world would involve as little spraying as possible, as few added chemicals as possible, have plants defend themselves against pests or diseases, and then have them carry as many nutrients as possible to our

15 Insanely Important Facts About Animal Agriculture

Up until I heard lectures on ecology in my university, I hadn’t really thought about the energy and water cost of animal agriculture. Until I watched Cowspiracy, I didn’t realize how completely insane the situation was. When a recent Trucost study for the United Nations regarding

Anti-cancer pink pineapples and purple tomatoes?

It sounds like a fruit salad from another planet, but really all the genes are naturally found on Earth. As you may have suspected though, the organisms carrying them have been slightly modified to produce more of a certain desired substance (lycopene with the

What happens when you sneakily give McDonalds to organic food experts?

This isn’t simply a theoretical question: That’s exactly what this group of pranksters did in the Netherlands. Although the video isn’t in English, you can see from the tone (also, know that lecker is delicious) that the people thought that the McDonalds food was great, and

Everything you need to know about frozen food

“Frozen food” is a really broad category, including everything from freeze-dried fruits and vegetables to pre-processed meals. I plan on just discussing the effects of freezing on produce, because I think this is something relevant to the lives of a lot of people. As

Naturophile Mother: “I gave my kid autism”

I gave my child autism. It wasn’t because of vaccines. It wasn’t because of tuna. It wasn’t because of formula. It wasn’t because of Tylenol, ultrasounds, antidepressants, Pitocin, tobacco, television, or pesticides. How do I know? Because she wasn’t exposed to any of these

Beyond ‘romance’ of organics: 6 ignored sustainable practices organic proponents should embrace

Almost any farmer or consumer could agree on the following ideals for our agricultural system: “Farming in ways that are best for us, best for the environment, and best for providing an adequate food supply.” I believe that these are the goals and ideals