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Why did this f*cking dress go so viral?

This dress went viral, internationally, with everyone from BusinessInsider to CNN to SpiegelOnline covering this. It blew up beyond understandable proportions on social media, and was a major topic of discussion at a house party I visited last night in Germany. To sum it

IQ scores are rising, so why does it feel like people are getting dumber?  

That’s right. IQ scores have been rising by an average of three points per decade since they were first introduced about 100 years ago. The people who administer these tests have to keep adjusting them (make them harder) so that the mean score will

Talking About (Trans)Gender Identity

According to statistics published by the Transgender Violence Tracking Portal (TVTP) in 2014, 10 % of acts of violence against homo- or transsexual people have been committed against transgender youth, with an assumingly high number of unreported cases. Acts of violence reported to the TVTP

14 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Love

Love is something I have occupied myself with since my early teenage years, exploring bonds and relationships both in a practical and theoretical sense. Having mostly had healthy and long-lasting relationships has allowed me to better understand what makes a relationship good, and what

Why do some sane people have such wacky beliefs?

An analysis of everything from views on climate change to perceptions of risks from GMOs or vaccines brought up one universally valid truth: people tend to believe what their friends, affiliates, or peer-group believe. Peoples’ views on these topics have less to do with any opposition

We Are Built To Be Kind

Humans, much like all primates, are hardwired to be able to feel empathy for fellow living creatures. We are built to be kind. Through mirror neurons, your pain and your suffering can become mine. Even among chimpanzees, the mark of success is not to

What You Really Need To Know About The Banana Experiment

Since 2011 or even earlier, I have been seeing images, articles, and storytellers all recounting of a “banana experiment.” This experiment is supposedly the groundbreaking proof that our sometimes rabid defense of power structures and tradition are actually evolutionarily grounded. Before I explain what

Are Selfies Really Connected To Mental Illness And Addiction?

If you look at your favorite pseudoscientific website, you will probably find a story about how taking “selfies” (or photos of yourself) is indicative of narcissism and mental illness. Certainly, most sites we name on our “list of bad sources” have posted this at

Why Do People Want To Blame Victims?

Whether we are talking about physical, sexual, or emotional violence: there will always be voices blaming the victims for whatever happened. Even in cases as clear-cut as in Eric Garner’s death, there remain many who blame the victim as being “complicit” in his own killing.

This Little Cartoon Does A Great Job At Explaining Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive dissonance (which I explained in more detail here in regard to climate change) is something that impacts literally all of us. It is probably THE major reason that new discoveries take years to be accepted and why confused and irrational traditions are maintained for