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How Magic Mushrooms & LSD Help People

“Magic mushrooms” are simply mushrooms which contain the active ingredient psilocybin. The “magic” is its interaction with the receptors in your brain, and like other hallucinogens, it distances your experience of the moment from your preconceived notions of reality. When used therapeutically, hallucinogens can

4 Keys To A Good Night’s Sleep

Falling asleep at night can be difficult, especially in an age where the streets never sleep and the internet’s always on. The keys to sleeping well lay in light, timing, body temperature, inner calm, and patience. Not sleeping enough can make you hungrier, unhealthier,

What Does Staying Up Late Mean About Someone?

There have been many texts published about the personalities of those who stay up late: correlating it with intelligence or risk-taking behavior and infidelity. An in-depth Psychology Today analysis displayed the average bed-times (as well as wake-up times) of different levels of intelligence (as

11 Things I Learned From Working In Social Media

For more than the last year, I have spent literally every single day working on social media; writing, sharing, debating, and debunking. ETT is not just a website, and just not just a Facebook page, in fact we also administrate the biggest open (anyone can

How To Convince People Of Facts They Want To Reject

This video does a good job of describing Nyhan et al’s 2011 Dartmouth study into cognitive dissonance, which is an internal aggravation or frustration towards information that threatens your worldview. To put that in layman’s terms: it shows you how to convince people of facts

Why People Would Rather Shock Themselves Than Reflect

All of us are aware that being alone, without outside stimulation, is something a lot of people have problems with. Why else would hundreds of millions of people spend hours a day watching a box that negatively impacts their brain while teaching them very

What Music Does To Your Mind And Mood

Music is a vibrational tool to change moods, with the great power it can have over mind, brain and emotions. When you listen to music you like, it can transform your daily routine into something magical, even spiritual. Music is much more powerful than

Why You Feel Uncomfortable On The Bus

Although many of us are desensitized to the big city life, a feeling of uneasiness or discomfort is common to many people while inside a relatively full bus, subway, or shopping center. We have all felt this to one extent or another, and we are all aware

7 Things Everyone Should Know About Respect

Respect is a complex issue, and lies at the heart of every movement for equality or against abuse. The primary struggle against racism, misogyny, and genocide are all directly related to the limited number of people who have taken the time to understand respect

These 2 Short Videos Will Show You Why CO2 Is A Serious Issue

From the international to the local level, climate change (or a state shift in terms of climate states) is a leading issue. The factors that weigh into climate systems are many, and we cannot forgot that no system on this planet is driven by