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Sarah Silverman’s suggestion for feeding the world is good

Sarah Silverman famously suggested that we need to “sell the Vatican, feed the world” in 2009: Now, the video is not to be taken too seriously, but the idea isn’t that far from the truth. About 67-85 people control as much wealth as 1/2

Reykjavik Rising: Iceland’s Democratic Uprising Revealed

In 2008, the people of Iceland reacted to the global economic crisis with widespread protest and dissatisfaction with the political inaction that led to the crisis in the first place. Unlike in the United States, where the protests led to approximately zero political changes

As Murdoch Eats National Geographic, Here’s A Documentary You Need To See

With billionaire news mogul Rupert Murdoch (of Fox News fame) buying National Geographic it becomes more important than ever to look at the man who controls one of the 6 biggest media empires in the world. This documentary, Outfoxed, presents a detailed study of Murdoch’s

Basic income as a human right? This 3 minute video puts it in perspective

Since the idea first emerged in Switzerland to label a basic income as a human right, widespread international discussion of an “unconditional basic income” is threatening to render many social institutions obsolete. Indeed, many crimes, much suffering, and even the environment could be aided by

People are offered $2 T-Shirts, but watch when they find out where they came from

This experiment shows us what the popular rise of organic foods also demonstrates: people are prepared to pay more to help others. We are almost all willing to pay a little bit more, as long as we are able, to make sure the person on

Self-healing concrete will revolutionize building

Although concrete is the most used building material in the world, it has a serious flaw. It can crack with ease under tension. When these cracks become too large, they in turn lead to corrosion of the steel reinforcement inside, which not only results

This anti-aging scientist convinced me we could stop aging

It sounds preposterous: life as we know it is a slave to time and one of the key conditions of living is that a grave awaits us. But is this really a fact, or simply how it normally works? If we could stop aging,

Dear Future Generations: Sorry

Prince Ea, St.Louis rapper, poet, anthropologist, and lyricist, really hits a chord with me in this video. He starts off by taking our problems to a very real extreme: that our rampant habitat destruction (killing off roughly half of all wild animals in the

John Oliver, Snowden, and Privacy

If you don’t have time for John Oliver’s piece (which I highly recommend: he mixes humor, satire, and facts well) you hopefully know who Edward Snowden. Snowden is main star of a recent award-winning documentary about him (titled CitizenFour). Snowden helped reveal numerous documents to

What happens when you sneakily give McDonalds to organic food experts?

This isn’t simply a theoretical question: That’s exactly what this group of pranksters did in the Netherlands. Although the video isn’t in English, you can see from the tone (also, know that lecker is delicious) that the people thought that the McDonalds food was great, and