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What do shrooms do to your brain?

When answering this question, we sort of have to specify whether we are answering with the proximate mechanism, or rather the ultimate uses. The video about does a great job at summing up the general proximate mechanism. I get into more detail below, if

Why “ghetto pranks gone wrong” aren’t funny

I see the videos routinely shared on Facebook, and usually I just ignore them. The reason I ignore them is because the videos are arranged so that the “actor” has a high probability of being assaulted: these people go into the hood to act

What this man learned in prison is worth all of our time

What Ismael Nazario learned in prison is unfortunately not as shocking as it should be: US prisons are overcrowded, routinely put minors into solitary confinement that arguably makes them more anti-social, are run for profit (leading to a positive feedback loop of harder sentences for

10 Psychology Myths Debunked

To expand on Michael Thomas’s article on myths about the human brain. Whereas his article deals more with biological differences, and even touches on human cognitive evolution, this article/video starring Ben Ambridge deals with basic human psychology, learning styles, and even perceived gender differences.

We need to talk about supplements, lobbying, and Dr.Oz

Hundreds of millions of people consume supplements, and some experts in related (like the late Linus Pauling) and completely unrelated (like Ray Kurzweil) subjects proclaim their love and support of dietary supplements. Despite this, in many cases supplements cannot deliver as well as natural sources,

An eco-friendly, partly human-powered, alternative to cars

The Raht Racer is one of what will probably be many forms or transporation that combine human energy with electricity to create much more enviromentally friendly cars. Although every form of production is, at the moment, at best not particularly environmentally “unfriendly,” this type

Hilariously Worrying: Watch Texas Tech Students Try To Answer Basic Questions

This isn’t a set-up, the answers are not scripted. A non-partisan student organization went around Texas Tech asking completely basic political questions to students. The questions were “who won the civil war,” “who is the vice president,” and “who did we win our independence from?”

John Oliver Exposes Massive Philip Morris Corruption

John Oliver goes into detail about the corrupt and underhanded dealings of big tobacco, namely Philip Morris. Most widely known through their namebrand Marlboro, they also control over a dozen over smaller brands with 7 out of the top 15 international brands. Their efforts

Neil de Grasse Tyson Shares The Most Important Fact Of Our Lives

You and I, much like our planet and even our sun, are made of atoms created in “molecular clouds” also know as “stellar nurseries.” These clouds  make up less than 1% of our galaxy, yet are the  most dense and most productive regions within the

Have You Ever Heard Of The Economic Hitmen?

Growing up, I never heard of the economic hitmen. The economic hitmen are the players in this complex game which went on, just beyond my awareness as a kid, in countries across the world. As a kid, it seemed like pure paranoia that leaders like Sadam