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Snowden’s ‘CitizenFour’ Wins Top Documentary Award

“CitizenFour,” a documentary about Edward Snowden and NSA spying, has won the International Documentary Association top award for best feature, after it was named the best non-fiction film of 2014. The film won in a category where other nominees were “Finding Vivian Maier,” “Point

This Little Cartoon Does A Great Job At Explaining Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive dissonance (which I explained in more detail here in regard to climate change) is something that impacts literally all of us. It is probably THE major reason that new discoveries take years to be accepted and why confused and irrational traditions are maintained for

First-Ever Known Video of ‘Devil of The Sea’ Captured

Researchers in California have succeed to capture first-ever video of a rarely-seen animal in its natural habitat. The video shows a female anglerfish, known as a Black Seadevil — a mysterious and rather hideous female anglerfish that lives in some of the deepest corners

This New Electric Car Is Designed For People In Wheelchairs, And It’s Amazing!

The most exciting invention in the automobile industry of late is the Kenguru car. The incredible part of this car isn’t its horsepower, its chrome wheels or push-to-start engine…  It’s selling point isn’t even that it’s an electric car, although that’s pretty cool, but the

Derren Brown explains how to reduce a mugger to tears using nothing but words

Illusionist Darren Brown is a master of perception and deception: the guy manages to actually get 2/3 of people to simply hand him their wallets while out at the beach in the video clip below. Needless to say, this is a man with quite

Mainstream Media Pushes Hoax Video Against The Syrian Government

On 11 Nov 2014, various websites, including The Telegraph, posted one-minute viral clip purporting to show a boy of around 8 years old get up after being hit by gunfire and save another child stranded in the middle of the road under a burnt-out

Controversial Trailer Shows A Man ‘Eaten Alive’ By An Anaconda!

The wide-spread Discovery Channel has released a controversial trailer for its website in which naturalist and wildlife filmmaker Paul Rosolie is filmed being eaten alive by an anaconda. Discovery Channel released two promos for the special ‘Eaten Alive’, its next big television event, featuring Rosolie.“Eaten

How not to be ignorant about the world

None of us are ignorant, right? I mean, just ask us. Unfortunately, every single one of us thinks this and almost all of us are wrong about it. The reason for this has evolutionary roots: intuition was the best tool we had available before science,

Why Your Vote Doesn’t Really Matter Much

Harvard Professor Lawrence Lessig brilliantly explains how money, and the “nomination filter” has destroyed our elections. By our, we mean for everyone from Hong Kong to Alabama, from London to Moscow. It’s only a six-minute presentation, and he says so much. To put it

The shocking truth about what doctors don’t know about the drugs they prescribe

The problem here is pervasive throughout the world of medicine and science: publication bias. This is the reason that a review of 53 studies relating to cancer drug targets only led to 6 being actually replicable. The positive results, which say that something works or