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Morgan Freeman Understands What’s Going On, Do You?

This visual collage, with a moving voiceover by Morgan Freeman, is an effective yet honest portrayal of our situation on this planet. I honestly cannot express it any better than him. “In the beginning there was Earth, paradise, an unspoiled sanctuary of beauty… The

Do 105 Photos Show Stonehenge Being Built 100 Years Ago?

Stonehenge, located in Wiltshire, England, is one of those unusual places on Earth that has always been shrouded in mystery. There are a lot of theories about its objectives, its real shape, the real date of building and so many other related questions. The

Human Head Transplant Now Theoretically Possible

Since the 1960s and 1970s, doctors and neurosurgeons have been successfully attaching the heads of dogs and monkeys to different bodies. The earliest Russian experiments using dogs are actually pretty well-known. The problem has not been keeping the head alive, but instead reconnecting the

Video: American Suicide Bomber in Syria

Since the beginning of the crisis in Syria, hundreds of people (terrorists) from all over the world came to take part in the foreign-backed war. In addition to declared and non-declared support to the so called “rebels” with money and training, some even accuse intelligence

How To Convince People Of Facts They Want To Reject

This video does a good job of describing Nyhan et al’s 2011 Dartmouth study into cognitive dissonance, which is an internal aggravation or frustration towards information that threatens your worldview. To put that in layman’s terms: it shows you how to convince people of facts

Amazonian Tribe Emerges From Isolation In Brazil

Brazil’s Indian Affairs Department, FUNAI, announced last week that an uncontracted tribe emerged from the rainforest near the Brazil-Peruvian border and made peaceful contact on June 29th with Brazilian government scientists. Villagers from a settled indigenous community, know as the Ashaninka, radioed Brazilian authorities

Correcting 7 Misconceptions About The Brain In 3 Minutes

None of this information is secret or remotely hidden: all of it can be confirmed by doing simple online searches and reading reputable sources. I am always astounded how many people think we only use 10% of our brains or want to categorize others based

Which Country Does The Most Good For The World?

This is actually a very difficult question, since nations are currently not being evaluated based on the good they are doing for the world by anyone other than Simon Anholt. According to him in his video presentation below, the answer is Ireland. All too frequently, we

How To Get Plastic Out Of The Oceans Right Now

Boyan Slat, who famously developed a model for cleaning plastic out of the oceans about 2 years ago, has finally proven his project to be truly feasible. It has been a long journey, at times filled with public doubt and requiring crowd-funding efforts. The story is

How To Speak So People Want To Listen

Julian Treasure is right to emphasize both the content and the prosody (which serves to convey linguistic, emotional, and pragmatic meaning in speech communication, and comprises intonation, loudness, and tempo). This translates roughly to: it’s not just looking at what you say, you have to also look