England was the backbone for much of international corporate expansion during the late 18th and early 19th centuries. World War one and World war two brought an end to this era piece by piece. However, because the control of the colonial empire was corporate, and not national, flag changes were of little importance.

Saudi Arabia is the western backed state that presides over the middle east. While England never colonized it as it did with Iraq, Egypt, and Palestine (present day Israel and Palestine), the state has acted within the interests of the same corporations that occupied much of the Middle East.  It was used in the 1991 Gulf War as a spring board by NATO troops (mostly U.S. and English) and was the birthplace of CIA asset Osama Bin Laden. Saudi Arabia, which funded and trained the extreme Wahhabi sects that would later form the Taliban.

Egypt: A New Corporate Persia? - Exposing The Truth

George Bush with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia

It appears as though the West, along with Saudi Arabia is working on forging a new Persian empire under the national control of Saudi Arabia. September 11th 2001 was used to justify the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.  Iraq was accused of having weapons of mass destruction, and Afghanistan of harboring Al Qaeda. George W. Bush, whose family has strong connections to the Bin Laden family, admitted that Iraq did not possess the weapons of mass destruction he once used to justify his invasion of that sovereign nation, that prior to having independence was a corporate colony of England.

In Afghanistan the impossible man hunt for Saudi national Osama Bin Laden took place and in the process became the worlds top exporter of opium, generating over 90% of the drugs exportation.

Phase two in the Middle East has been the exportation, and funding from the West and Saudi Arabia of Al Qaeda led forces in places such as Libya and Syria. Gaddafi told the world that Al Qaeda was being used against his country and warned other Middle Eastern leaders that they could be next.

The corporate control of the situation was best demonstrated when Senator Sessions demanded then Sec. of Defense Leon Panetta answer who had control of the US military, and under what authority they acted under in establishing the “No Fly Zone” over Libya that effectively aided Al Qaeda forces in toppling Gaddafi.  The response came that the international community, through NATO or some other coalition would grant the authority of the US militaries involvement, and not the Congress as laid out par the Constitution of the United States.

Syria has furthered the expansion of the West’s use of Al Qaeda led forces in toppling regimes. Open funding and aid to Al Qaeda has been back page news from several publication over the course of the conflict.

Iron Arm: Egyptian people versus Mubarak and his masters

Iron Arm: Egyptian people versus Mubarak and his masters

Starting in the Arab spring, long time Western backed dictator Mubarak of Egypt was ousted and replaced with a more radical group that the West and Saudi Arabia could effectively use to solidify a solid corporate block in the Middle East, the Muslim Brotherhood.  The Muslim Brotherhood has been the fundamental group that all radical groups of Islam have branched from including Al Qaeda.

Egypt: A New Corporate Persia? - Exposing The Truth

Tariq Ramadan painted portrait of Hassan Al-Banna

This group, unlike Mubarak would support radical Islamic states under corporate West, and Saudi control and itself was created based on the principle of creating a one world Islamic state. “It is the nature of Islam to dominate, not to be dominated, to impose its law on all nations and to extend its power to the entire planet.” ~Al-Banna (the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood in 1928)

However, the people of Egypt have recently revolted against this situation and have entered into a state of geopolitical limbo. Will the international corporate ringleaders search for a new puppet to support its aims in the region?  Will they import radical jihadists into the nation as they have in Libya and Syria? Or will the people win back their nation and form an independent government?