CBD oil or cannabidiol oil is a chemical found in the cannabis plant or what we all know as marijuana. One compound found in the cannabis plant is THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. THC causes side effects of giving people a high when it’s applied with heat as when it’s made into cigarettes. CBD on the other hand, though it also comes from cannabis plants, extracted as oil, doesn’t exhibit such side effects. In fact, scientists are discovering the benefits of CBD oil for our health. However, because of THC’s reputation with the mind-altering force of cannabis, CBD oil is often misunderstood and rejected by many.

CBD cannabis oil

The younger generations are the most welcoming when it comes to CBD oil. They’ve developed a way to consume CBD using vapes or the electronic cigarettes effectively. The CBD oil is sold in bottles to refill the vape vaporizer. However, there are several factors to consider before purchasing and using CBD oils for your vape.

Which Vape Oil to Choose

There are CBD vape oils that are made from marijuana which still contains HTC compounds that give a high. Vaping using this oil could still result in failing drug tests. If you want to use CBD for vape but don’t want to get high or you want to pass drug tests, go for the ones made from all-natural hemp plants which contain CBD but don’t have the psychotropic effects of HTC. The contents of the bottle determine the dosage. The lowest is 25 milligrams, and the highest is 300 milligrams. Many CBD oil companies claim that they’re the cleanest and safest, but there’s no solid proof for that unless you have tried them all and saw which is best for your body.  Most CBD vape oil can be purchased online because one requirement in the US for legally selling and using it is if the oil is made from industrial hemp grown outside the USA. You can get trustedcbdoil.com coupons when you purchase online because they could be a bit pricey.

Effects of CBD Vape Oil

Generally, there’s no side effect in using CBD oils for a vape. There’s no redness of eyes, paranoia and you won’t get high. According to consumer reviews, there are fewer side effects of using CBD oil in vapes than other methods of administration. However, there are many additives or flavorings incorporated with CBD oil, so when you’re smoking it, you don’t only inhale CBD but also these other chemicals. Since CBD oil in vape is mixed with other additives, there’s an ongoing debate if vaping will really be safe and has no other side effects. With electronic cigarettes going through high temperatures of battery operated mechanisms, there are concerns that carcinogens and dangerous toxins are being produced and inhaled through vaping.

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Benefits of Vaping with CBD Oil

Since there are health benefits from CBD, based on studies and the reported benefits from users, vaping with CBD oil relieves anxiety, stress, depression, and dizziness. It’s also believed to treat other ailments like seizures, hypertension, sleep apnea, inflammation, and even leukemia and cancer. With the latest research, CBD oil is used more of a preventive agent than a cure or medication. People trying to prevent diseases should have a low concentration intake, and the ones who are trying to fight existing ailments can get a higher dose. Before getting into this type of treatment, it’s best to consult your doctor for the proper dosage like any prescription drugs. Though many users claim that one can never be overdosed with CBD oil since vaping, it will only give you the medicinal benefits and not the high.

What To Watch Out For

There’s a hidden danger when vaping. It’s inhaling a dangerous toxin called Propylene Glycol. It’s a thinning compound which is a primary ingredient in nicotine-infused e-cigarettes. When applied with high temperature, this chemical is converted into toxic nanoparticles which are the suspects for respiratory diseases and cancer. Although the US FDA has recognized propylene glycol to be safe for ingestion or as a food additive because of its low toxicity when ingested orally, it has never been tested when it’s heated and inhaled.

When purchasing CBD oil, consider its price, cheap is not what we’re looking for because the production and shipping cost for this product isn’t cheap. You want to make sure that you’re buying authentic and quality products. The process of extracting the oil requires complex equipment, and professional expertise and these are quite costly. So choose wisely and get recommendations before purchasing a CBD vape oil.