newhIf you are passionate about the principles of individual liberty, voluntary community cooperation, and self sufficiency, then New Hampshire may a suitable place for you. Thousands of freedom-concerned individuals have pledged to relocate to NH, in the hopes of establishing a free state as part of the ‘Free State Project’.

The project is a movement with the goal of getting liberty in this lifetime. Those interested in the project sign a pledge, and once the pledge reaches its goal of 20,000 people (currently at almost 15,000), those who have signed then have 5 years to move to the state. Thousands have already pledged to move to the state and take part in the project. But many aren’t waiting:  1,178 have already made the move.

The concept for the Free State Project can be traced back to a 2001 essay by Yale doctoral student, Jason Sorens, who argued that the best way to make a real impact is for at least 20,000 activists to move to a small state which has job opportunities, low taxes, and fewer overbearing government restrictions. The idea was that these individuals would set up a libertarian-minded community, which would infiltrate representative positions and the community as a whole. The president, Carla Gericke, insists that the Free State Project is not a political action group.

Recently, Concord residents protested against the city acquiring another armored vehicle which was to be purchased due to the threat of “domestic terrorism”. Luckily, the peaceful residents of Concord insisted that there was no real threat to the community, and stated furthermore that the increased police militarization is unnecessary. In applying for the grant to purchase the vehicle, the City Council implied that groups such as Free State Project, and Occupy New Hampshire, are anti-government, and “troublesome”. Even though participants can, and have been, ex-communicated from the project if they are found to be promoting violence of any kind exceeding the right to self-defense.

“15 people have already been elected to the state house as state representatives.” – Carla Gericke, FSP president

newh6Good ideas do not require force to come to fruition because people naturally have an interest in cooperating with one another for the greater good. There is a growing movement, rooted in voluntary exchange, that is inspiring the wild notion that human beings should be able to live free from force and coercion. This belief is based on the idea that human interactions should be voluntary, and never subject to being forced. Similar freedom-promoting projects are also growing in Argentina, and Chile.

The project in Galt’s Gulch, Chile, is aimed at creating a self-sustaining community, which affords those who live in the area with an abundant supply of fresh clean water, clean and renewable energy, organic fish, organic fruits, vegetables, and nuts. It also hosts the ‘Agora Community Center’, where residents can offer their services to their neighbors: allowing them to contribute their skills knowledge, and expertise for the betterment of themselves, their community, and the world. The price of purchasing your own property in Chile, to take part in this initiative, ranges from $49,000 – $195,000. There is also a more reasonable fractional ownership program, which allows you to purchase a portion of a lot in the community starting more reasonably at around $12,000.