Between 20,000 and 31,500 fighters are now battling alongside ISIS, as the Central Intelligence Agency believes (as reported by CNN). While many members of Congress claimed that about 12,000 foreigners – from all countries – have traveled to Syria for the same reason.

This number continues to increase – if CIA is right – which means that ISIS fighters are far more than 10.000 now. A CIA spokesperson talked to CNN saying:

“This new total reflects an increase in members because of stronger recruitment since June following battlefield successes and the declaration of a caliphate, greater battlefield activity, and additional intelligence.”

Americans and Europeans in ISIS Can Still Go Back to Their Countries Easily

In the same time, US Homeland Security officials confirmed that they don’t have a complete picture about the Americans and Europeans who went to Syria to join ISIS. This makes it difficult to prevent them from coming back.

Rep. Michael McCaul, House Homeland Security Committee chairman said:

“You don’t know what you don’t know. We only have estimates of how many Westerners … are in ISIS ranks, and potentially thousands that we do not know who they are.”

Also, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) said:

“ISIS is a threat to the United States and to the people of the United States; we may be reminded on 9/11 the count was approximately 19 who created the most heinous terrorist attack, killing more than 3,000.”

The Obama Administration is Ready to Fight ISIS (After Funding Them!)

After President Barack Obama made a speech last Wednesday announcing a new air campaign in Iraq and Syria, the US administration claimed that it is looking to get more information that would help it decide when and whether to launch airstrikes in Syria. This declaration came after an announcement by the White House, saying that United States is now at war with ISIS.

Obama declares war on Syria: Why the real target is Assad not ISIL

Obama said that US will launch airstrikes on Islamic State ‘wherever it exists’, while, Pentagon spokesman Adm. John Kirby said that whenever the US does take military action against ISIS, it will also consider targeting individuals in leadership positions.

Kirby added:

“One of the ways you get at and you destroy the capabilities of an enemy like (ISIS) is to be pretty aggressive against them, and that does include disrupting their ability to command and control and to lead their own forces.”

The ‘Islamists” that Obama is working to fight now are the same “moderate ones” he supported before. According a report by The New American, U.S. officials admit that many of the weapons being used by the ISIS terrorists to slaughter Iraqis were actually paid for by U.S. taxpayers before being captured by ISIS.

US administration worked to send weapons to what they call “freedom fighters” to destroy anti-ISIS Assad government in Syria, as well as trained others at a secret bases in Jordan and Qatar.

The Syrian Government Warned Obama

Supported by its international allies (Russia, China and Iran), the Syrian government warned the US President Barack Obama that any offensive against ISIS within the Syrian territory would violate international law.

Meanwhile, Syrian opposition groups – who currently live in Western countries – welcomed Obama’s campaign and claimed that US should fight both sides! (ISIS and Syrian government)

A Syrian official lately said that if the US launches an attack within the Syrian borders without first consulting with Damascus, Syria would deal with it as an act of aggression.

ISIS Executes New Victim: British Aid Worker David Haines

David Haines, 44-year-old, is a British aid worker who worked with the United Nations in the Balkans, and was very generous and kind with those in need, regardless of race, creed or religion.

British Aid Worker David Haines

An online video (2-minute, 27-second) posted last Saturday, on a website linked to the brutal group of Sunni jihadists, part of the ISIS, showing the beheading of Haines by a cold-blooded executioner – who sounds like the man who killed Foley and Sotloff – standing behind him clutching a knife, making Haines the third Western captive to be killed by the ISIS in recent weeks.

The video also showed another British captive besides the same masked ISIS terrorist, whom he identified as Alan Henning. The video was produced just like the previous videos that showed the beheadings of American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff.

The British Prime Minister David Cameron condemned the crime, promising to take on ISIS and start working with the United States to support its “direct military action.”

Cameron said:

“We have to confront this menace; step by step we must drive back, dismantle, and ultimately destroy ISIL and what it stands for. Together with allies, we will do so in a calm, deliberate way but with an iron determination.”

David Haines worked for the Royal Mail, and then joined the Royal Air Force, and despite the fact that he went to ‘help Syrians’, he was abducted in March 2013 near a refugee camp in Atmeh, Syria.

5 Points Listed in the British Strategy for Facing ISIS

Cameron declared 5 main points, according to CNN, to outline the new strategy at the emergency meeting of security and intelligence officials to address the ISIS. These points:

  1. to work with the Iraqi government, as well as Kurdish regional governments (in Iraq) and help to save other minorities being slaughtered by ISIS.
  2. to work at the United Nations “to get as wide as possible support” against ISIS.
  3. to support the “direct military action”, assumed to be lead by the US.
  4. to keep supplying ‘humanitarian aids’.
  5. to “strengthen British counterterrorist effort at home.”
ISIS terrorists.

ISIS terrorists.

After giving more than $500,000,000 to al-Qaeda related groups, it will now cost about $100 million a week to continue with more airstrikes in Iraq and Syria!

How can you fight a terrorist organization while you are giving it all the reasons, and indirectly supplies and funding, to go on with its horrible acts? NATO countries – especially Turkey – are buying Syrian / Iraqi oil from the ISIS. These same groups were given money, training, and weapons as part of the “anti-Assad forces”, and now, the same financiers  want to launch a war to stop ISIS!

Ironically, it seems the US and its allies want to give ISIS millions in one hand, and fight it with the other! The biggest losers are the innocent civilians here in Syria, and in Iraq, and the taxpayers footing the bill. The ISIS must be stopped, but US meddling has so far not supplied much hope for the usefulness of these measures.