1.7 million people have turned out in anger towards NATO’s (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) aggression and to show support to Colonel Qaddafi who lost a son and 3 grandchildren to NATO’s bombings.

Libya: 1.7 Million People March Demanding End to NATO Bombing - Exposing The Truth

NATO have been bombing Libya under the premise that Colonel Qaddafi is attacking the Libyan population, however this was shown to be a lie when the Russian military displayed video footage from it’s military spy satellites which showed that no Libyan air force flights took place, nor any massacres, during the months that NATO had claimed as a reason to bomb Libya.

The footage gained from the Russian spy satellites was thought to show NATO and the world that there was no massacred killing by Qaddafi at all, of course this has been ignored by both NATO and the mainstream media and so NATO has continued it’s murderous bombing.

Libya: 1.7 Million People March Demanding End to NATO Bombing - Exposing The TruthBombing in Libya has occurred for more than 3 long months now, of which NATO has only apologized for a few specific attacks, such as an attack which killed 9 Civilians by mistake when a missile hit a house instead of a military target, another family who lost 5 people including 3 children in another apparent accident are attempting to sue NATO.  Estimates of the total number of deaths from this war vary from 2,000 to more than 10,000 civilians and are expected to continue to grow.

It has now taken 95% of Tripoli, to take to the streets to prove that they are not being attacked by Qaddafi, yet this huge demonstration has been virtually ignored by mainstream media of the western world.

Qaddafi gave a speech to the 1.7 million Libyan people which has been misquoted multiple times by the western mainstream media. The videos below include the entire speech with the correct English subtitles and show some footage of the demonstration.

These videos and their subtitles have been uploaded by the YouTube user 123VivaDjazair and have no affiliation with Exposing The Truth

Libya: 1.7 Million People March Demanding End to NATO Bombing - Exposing The Truth

Friday, July 1, 2011. (AP Photo/Hassan Ammar)

The demonstration was arranged by Mohanned Magam. Mohanned’s first attempts brought smaller crowds of around 400,000 people, and now finally an estimated 1.7 million people on Friday the 1st of July. The crowd could be heard chanting “People want Colonel Qaddafi” in Arabic.

The Libyan war violates the resolutions which NATO states passed at the UN (United Nations), and violates the United States and Italian constitutions, as well as international law and was conducted deliberately preventing every effort at peaceful negotiation, particularly by the African Union.

France have further fueled the war and have admitted to supplying arms to the Libyan rebels, propelling the support beyond the agreement in UN Security Council Resolution 1973.

The ICC (International Criminal Court) have issued arrest warrants for Qaddafi, his son Seif al-Islam and the head of Libyan intelligence Adbullah al-Senussi, Colonel Qaddafi’s government hit back at the ICC charging the tribunal was just a tool of European powers whilst the African Union called on member states to disregard the arrest warrant.

Since the demonstration of the 1st of July NATO bombings have increased to aid the rebel push.