policeInstances of aggressive police tactics and brutality, resulting in the loss of an innocent life, have unfortunately become all too common in the United States today. Police departments are becoming increasingly militarized, and punishment for crimes committed by badge wearers who were in the wrong isn’t witnessed at a satisfactory level, or sometimes at all.

It seems like every other day we are hearing stories of police shooting down innocent dogs, or even gunning down harmless humans. Undoubtedly, the police officers responsible for the shootings will always find some way to justify (or attempt to do so) their actions.

Alicia Herron from Georgia, recently called 911 emergency services to seek medical help for her fiancé Jack Roberson, after she became worried of a possible overdose from his diabetes medication. Police unfortunately arrived at the home before the paramedics. Herron recalls the scene of the event like a terrifying nightmare:

“They just came in and shot him. He didn’t say nothing, the police didn’t say nothing, anything, it was like a silent movie. You couldn’t hear anything, all you could hear were the gun shots go off and I seen them going into his body and he just fell down.”

marathonBoth the victims’ mother and fiancé witnessed the shooting. The victim’s 8 year old daughter was apparently also in the home when the incident took place. It is frustrating to listen to the standard response from these killers in uniform, who of course always deem their actions to be justified and allege there to have been some perceived threat. No doubt this is their side of events in any case where the police themselves were the impulsive  murderers wielding (most often) the only weapon in the room.

One investigative report discovered that half of the individuals shot by the police, estimated to be roughly 375 to 500 people killed each year, suffer with some form of mental health issue. Note, this was not the case with the Roberson shooting in Georgia. The scenario is not a new one: last year police wrongfully shot a 45 year old double-amputee in a wheelchair while he had been holding and waving a shiny pen in the air. Can you imagine the impending danger that man posed to authorities?

In Michigan, six officers gunned down a homeless schizophrenic man who refused to drop a small folding knife. In Seattle, Washington, a mentally ill alcoholic was shot and killed by police as he was crossing the street. To put the cherry on the cake: in Oregon police responded to an incident where a man was suicidal, and ended up doing the killing when they shot him in the back.  This isn’t a few “bad apples,” this appears to be a systemic problem and one which is reinforced by a lack of consequences for offending officers.

pewwIn many cases, children are taught from a very early age how to call 911 before they are taught or remember their own home phone number. In almost any emergency situation, the first and natural response is usually to call 911 for help. But these days it seems that you may be safer to avoid any interaction with the police altogether, considering the increasing rate of wrongful deaths at the hands of the police and the growing prevalence of their abusive actions.

Even if you are innocent from having committed any crime, if the police enter your home and wrongfully attack; you are helpless to do anything other than hope you don’t get shot. Innocent and non-violent individuals are too often being murdered by the police–the only people in this entire world who are there to supposedly “help” us whenever we encounter a dangerous, harmful or emergency situation.

Our home is no longer a safe haven, and it seems that at any point, even without justified reason, the police can and do invade your privacy and destroy property. So how then are we left to defend ourselves, property and families, or even to sleep soundly at night feeling safe from any random attack, if the men responsible for keeping our communities safe are contributing to making them more dangerous, and routinely entering wrong homes, and/or shooting and killing innocent and unarmed individuals?