Overhead of Gardening Woman Weeding Vegetable GardenWith the increasing concern for our health, and ever-expanding curiosity for what is going into our food, there is a growing trend to eat local, fresh, free-range, and organically fed and/or grown food items. Urban homesteading is a growing trend where individuals with limited space and finances, mix their labor with their land in order to produce and provide for themselves. Some are growing food on balconies, window sills, even vertically to make more use of their space.

Campaigns like Grow Food Not Lawns, and Occupy Monsanto, are encouraging individuals to take an active role in their health, and in what they are eating. These activist outlets operate with a general theme, that we should know what we are putting into our mouths and on our tables. By getting more involved in our food choices, we can have a more secure grip on our overall health and wellness.

foodvertThere are many benefits to growing your own food at home: you save yourself money, increase availability and convenience (you need only travel to your backyard instead of to a supermarket), better tasting food, and safer food that isn’t covered in pesticides and other chemicals.

Increasingly, individuals are  finding themselves open minded towards natural treatment methods. It may come to many as a common experience, that doctors mostly treat symptoms of a problem, instead of getting to the root of the problem itself. For example, with illnesses’ that are rooted in chronic inflammation, the doctors don’t generally focus on their patient’s diet, and they don’t consider the foods which are eaten that would contribute to the cause of increased inflammation in the body.

There is continually new research surfacing which supports the blossoming belief that natural items could cure a variety of health impairments. Many already know that cannabis can be an effective cancer treatment, but even grape seed extract has recently been shown to outperform chemotherapy in destroying and inhibiting the growth of colorectal cancer cells. Mainstream medical practices for the treatment of various types of cancer seem to be more deadly than helpful, with common methods like chemotherapy being ineffective 97% of the time. Our bodies have innate healing mechanisms: when we get an infection or when we cure ourselves, but it needs the proper nutrients in order to heal effectively.

foodjarWhen selecting treatment methods consumers are encouraged to inform themselves about the  products or services which have been performed by qualified medical professionals, as well as researching the reactions of the patients/consumers. Always check multiple sources before deciding on which medical treatment to initiate. If possible, speak with a naturopath before you begin a natural treatment, to help you evaluate the credibility of the treatment’s claims.

Alternatives To Supermarkets

The farmers market, a growing trend in numerous communities around the world, allows individuals to purchase their food items directly from farmers at a local level. This gives the consumer the benefits of their food items enduring less traveling, less handling, less storage time, less refrigeration, fresher food, and a better variety. The growing number of farmers markets help society to maintain social ties, linking urban populations and rural areas in mutually rewarding voluntary exchanges.

Grow It Yourself

foodgardentimesGrowing your own food offers numerous benefits, and with a little hard work to prepare the soil, and a modest amount of money invested for seeds, you could begin to grow your own vegetables at home. Some individuals with cramped and limited space have resorted maximizing their space through vertical gardening.

If you don’t have the room to grow food outside, you can even grow food from basic garbage scraps on your window sill. Keeping in mind that the quality of scraps will determine the quality of their regrowth, there are a variety of foods which can be regrown from scraps that you would normally toss out.