Let’s not mince words: species are currently going extinct a rate 1000 times the normal background rate outside of periods of mass extinction (think of the dinosaurs). The issue of biosphere stability is so serious relative to human survival that even the mainstream media have started to acknowledge what ecologists have been warning of for the last 10+ years.

The heart of the warning is that ecosystems, and indeed the biosphere, do not function linearly but instead can dramatically change states based on dynamic tipping points. We have already crossed major boundaries and are feeling the reverberations: everyone who has done their reading is worried (even those debunking previous extinction rates).

We are highly dependent on our environment: we are not even able to produce all the amino acids on our own and indeed our survival hangs together with that of many other species. If you don’t care about the other species, at least care about how it affects us just around the corner. A good first step would be demanding personal responsibility for ecological damage (and not slaps on the wrist), and more genuine environmental protection.