Maps can be very useful source to get the best, most densely summarized information. Very likely, you wouldn’t consider searching about these US-related facts if they weren’t display in this multicolored and comprehensible way. Information can obtained very quickly when it is presented in the right way.

Whether you’re from the United States or not, these 26 maps will let you know surprising facts about United States.

What Does Your State Do Well

1_What Does Your State Do Well(Source)

Percentage of People with Bachelor’s Degrees

2_Percentage of people with bachelor's degrees(Source)

Marijuana Use Laws

3_Marijuana Use Laws(Source)

Smoking Rates

4_Smoking Rates(Source)

What Each State Google More than Others

Depending on Google Trend, this map is based on a comparison each state’s internet search history. (Source)

5_What Each State Google More than Others

Most Religious Counties

6_Most religious counties


Craft Breweries per Million People in the US

7_Craft Breweries per Million People in the US


Nuclear Power stations

You can find a number of active nuclear power stations, with Percentage. (Source)

8_Nuclear power stations

Most Remembered States

This map shows which states are the hardest and easiest to remember, according to Sporcle (a popular quiz site), as of 14 April 2014. (Source)

9_Most Remembered States

Childhood Obesity

According to a report from 2009, 8 of the 10 states with the highest rates of obese and overweight children are in the South. (Source)

10_Childhood Obesity

Beer per State

11_Beer per State


Household Income

12_Household income(Source)

US Life Expectancy by State

13_Life expectancy(Source)

Soda vs. Pop

14_Soda vs. Pop(Source)

Percentage of the Population Over 65

15_Percentage of the population over 65(Source)

How to pronounce “caramel”

16_How we pronounce caramel(Source)

Gun Ownership

17_Gun Ownership(Source)

One Person: One Dot (race)

18_One Person One Dot(Source)

Whether Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune Airs first

19_Whether Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune Airs first(Source)

Gay Marriage Laws

20_Gay Marriage Laws(Source)

Highways Signs by State

21_Highways Signs by State(Source)

Number of Bars Relative To Grocery Stores

22_Total Number of Bars 1

23_Total Number of Bars 2(Source)

Ancestry by County

24_Ancestry by County 0

24_Ancestry by County 124_Ancestry by County 2(Source)

Hosting Services in the United States

25_Hosting Services in the United States(Source)

Graphical History of the US Flag

26_Graphical History of the US Flag(Source)

Top 25 Last Names

27_Top 25 Last Names(Source)

Religion by County

28_US Religion by County(Source)

College in America

29_College in America(Source)

Credit Scores

30_Credit Scores(Source)