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Mekong Delta Becomes Centre Of Environmental Conspiracy

No amount of idyllic boat trips, bamboo beach huts and floating villages can detract from the fact that Vietnam is facing a huge environmental crisis. A booming population growing at a rate much faster than their infrastructure and economy is causing unknown damages to

Massive permaculture project lifts 2.5 million out of poverty

If you visit the Loess Plateau right now you will find a suitably luscious landscape in the province thought to be the cradle of Chinese civilisation. Agricultural land is rich in produce and animals, tourism levels have significantly increased, and farmers are reaping the rewards of

Finally: list of 80 people with as much money as 1/2 of humanity

Since the “financial repression,” the most powerful people have only gotten more powerful. A 2013 Oxfam report found that 80 people had as much wealth as 1/2 of humanity, and a few months later Forbes said the number had dropped to 67. Many of

China And USA Finally Make An Emissions Deal

US President Barack Obama began by promising to reduce US greenhouse gas emissions 26-28% below 2005 levels by the 2025. Chinese president Xi Jinping took the next small, but important, step of agreeing to stop China’s emissions from growing by 2030 at the latest.

20 Crazy ‘Ways to School’ That You Won’t Believe

It’s not easy for some parents to let their children go to school on their own for the first time. But, in some places the issue has less to do with attachment than  and more to do with safety: in many parts of the

See The Human Cost Of Your iPhone… It Will Shock You

We’d like to think slavery is in the past, but this short and to-the-point documentary asks you to consider that the cellphone you’re holding in your hand may have involved something equally terrible: young Chinese workers enduring 15-hour days without holidays or rights. These

Why China “Needs” To Hold Tibet

Oftentimes China is discussed in terms of economic growth or its military expansion in the region. Occasionally news about their environmental problems, including the fact that 28,000 of 50,000 Chinese rivers have disappeared on their maps over the last decade. We also occasionally hear

China’s stupid contention: The most idiotic territorial claim in Chinese History

China is claiming indisputable sovereignty in the said territories. The problem is the basis of their claim is baseless, incredible and extremely disputable.