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Leaked Turkish Recording Exposes A Planned False Flag War With Syria

Turkey’s ban on Twitter has become an essential matter in the international media. The government insists the ban is not a political decision, but the result of a court ruling. No matter what the reason is, blocking access to Twitter is unacceptable in terms of

In Solidarity with the Turkish Resistance

This is a response to the call of the eminent and radical Professor Noam Chomsky with regard to his call to the world to support the Turkish Resistance.

The Truth and the Media

It is very important to note that 100 years ago, we had more than 100 times as many different interests contributing to the official news media.

Diplomatic moves pave the way for Easter “Surprise” for Iran

Inspirational speech, a long delayed apology and a Passover gift for Iran. On 20 March I received intel from a News Agency insider that the Israeli government are planning an Easter exploit on Iran, that the US was desperately trying to cool things down