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Does conventional law-and-order help native communities?

In Canada and beyond, native (first nation) peoples have high rates of suicide, child abuse, alcohol, drug abuse (including solvents and gasoline), and incarceration. They have lower than average per capita income, high rates of reliance on social assistance and school abandonment. Hundreds of

Navajo Win $554,000,000 From The US Government

In a landmark settlement, which Navajo president Ben Shelly describes as “fair and just,”  the United States government has been ordered to pay reparation amounting to $554 million for mismanaging Navajo lands.  The Navajo nation is the largest indian (native american; indigenous) tribe in the

Occupy Tesla For Organic Farms

Organizations and movements looking to create change sometimes find difficulty in gaining the funding needed to realize their projects. Many have found diverse manners of raising funds from using innovative websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, which work through offering perks and giving people a

No More Backyard Chickens Or Small Farmers Allowed in Michigan?

Due to a new ruling from Michigan’s Commission of Agriculture and Rural Development, residents will lose their right to keep livestock on their own property. On April 28th, 2014, the commission ruled that local governments have the right to ban livestock from any area

This Easy To Build Contraption Can Give Water To Everyone: DIY Plans

Solar technology goes much further than creating electricity, some people have learned to use the sun to perform impressive feats such as cooking. On Earth, the sun packs a wallop of heat energy through many different forms of radiation, and innovative ways to use

Food Preservation: The Art Of and The Dangers

When people buy food these days it is either already precooked, or is waiting in some form of packaging. Nearly all of this food has gone through some process of preservation to keep decomposition at bay, some of these methods have risen concern of

Heating Homes with Solar Air Collectors (DIY)

Cut down on bills and stop pollution with solar air heaters! So simple to build that we have do it yourself instructions!

Hobbit Homes Are Real – Underground Home Plans!

Underground homes, or earthen homes, have extreme benefits over above ground housing across the entire board. Some of these beneficial qualities include their ability to save space above ground, their extreme insulative properties which make them highly energy efficient, and their extremely durable structures.

Solar Cooking! Food Preparation with The Sun!

Solar Cookers use the light of the sun to cook food by using reflectors to heat an enclosed area that is not unlike an oven. There are dozens of different, simple to build, designs that may be used even in the winter! Save on

Mainstream Media Turns Heads Toward Biochar!

Ecologists, permaculture experts and large organizations alike have been praising the use of biochar as an excellent environmental stabilizer.