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Victory: Ag-gag law struck down in Idaho…14 more states to go

Agricultural gag laws, also known as ag-gag, are designed to prevent, among other things, the publishing of video taken within slaughterhauses and factory farms. The laws work primarily to silence and intimidate whistleblowers, and have spread out over the United States into 14 states

US Authorities find Palmer, may extradite him to Zimbabwe

A representative of Dr. Walter Palmer, you know the dentist from Minnesota who illegally killed the Zimbabwe lion Cecil by baiting him out of a national park one night in July, was in contact with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Office of Law Enforcement late on

The Strongest Yet Least Spoken Argument for Vegetarianism

Somewhere between 5-6% of Americans are vegetarians (according to a 2012 Gallup pole) and 8-10% of Germans identify themselves as vegetarians. I see videos on my Facebook newsfeed, on a daily basis, aimed at convincing me that eating meat is unethical and that we need to

Argentinian Court Grants Human Rights To Orangutan

In an unprecedented decision, an Argentine court has ruled that the Sumatran orangutan ‘Sandra’, who has spent 20 years at the zoo in Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires, should be recognized as a person with a right to freedom. The ruling, signed by the judges

Activists Are Trying To Stop The Swiss From Eating Cats and Dogs For Christmas

Hundreds of thousands of people in Switzerland apparently eat domestic kittens and puppies’ meat, particularly at Christmas, according to a Swiss animal activist group, who are asking the government to ban the traditional Christmas practice. The animal protection group, SOS Chats Noirague, which has

New Science Says Your Dog Can Understand You

A new study published in the journal Cell, by Victoria Ratcliffe and David Reby, should lend some relief to dog owners who enjoy talking with their pets. The new research indicates that if you are one of them: you’re probably not as crazy as your

Controversial Trailer Shows A Man ‘Eaten Alive’ By An Anaconda!

The wide-spread Discovery Channel has released a controversial trailer for its website in which naturalist and wildlife filmmaker Paul Rosolie is filmed being eaten alive by an anaconda. Discovery Channel released two promos for the special ‘Eaten Alive’, its next big television event, featuring Rosolie.“Eaten

A Town In Minnesota Made A Dog Their Mayor

Despite the title, this isn’t a satire article. A small Minnesota town seriously made a 7-year-old dog their mayor. Duke the dog was initially elected as mayor of Cormorant, Minnesota, in early August, and was officially ordained on August 16th. This isn’t the first

Everything You Eat Is Conscious

David Chalmers discusses the meaning of consciousness, remarking that we spent more time trying to decide if something is conscious or what parts of the brain it exists in, than even figuring out what really consciousness on an abtract level. I agree with Chalmer’s

This Video Of A Cheetah And Dog Playing Makes A Good Point

This video, of Max (the Labrador) and Savanna (the Cheetah), originates from the Cincinnati Zoo in December, 2013. To understand how they can play together so easily, it helps to know that the two slender animals have known each other since September. They met