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No More Backyard Chickens Or Small Farmers Allowed in Michigan?

Due to a new ruling from Michigan’s Commission of Agriculture and Rural Development, residents will lose their right to keep livestock on their own property. On April 28th, 2014, the commission ruled that local governments have the right to ban livestock from any area

Outrage as Indiana Police Officer Caught Abusing His Dog

An unidentified police officer from Hammond, Indiana, has been placed on administrative leave after a video was uploaded onto YouTube showing the officer hitting the dog with a leash, and hanging the dog in mid-air. In a statement, Hammond police department said: “The Department has observed

Are Animals Conscious?

The power to perceive and interact with your surroundings is a part of being conscious, being alive. Solving complex problems is limited to animals with a neocortex, which takes up the majority of the human brain. Elephants actually have a far bigger brain than