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They’re Trying To Divide Us! Will You Let Them?

Unity among people is a concept that many people have been promoting for a long time, perhaps even as long as humans have existed, but that unity means different things to different people. Many of us don’t live in a way that consciously and

A Message For 2016 And Beyond

Prince Ea, also known as Richard Williams, ups the ante set by his historical and viral videos of the past. He touched on humanity’s cost to ourselves and this planet before, but this time he really makes it clear: we, humans, are pushing the

A teacher shows a better way to deal with difficult students than violence

Following the very viral video of a South Carolina sheriff throwing a non-violent student across the room was met with defense by many claiming “we don’t know what she did before the video” or that “the cop was trying to help her learn discipline,”

6 Science-Backed Ways To Seem More Intelligent

These 6 science-backed ways to seem more intelligent may make you seem smarter, but unfortunately, the effect is only cosmetic. The sources are hyperlinked to each statement in the list. 1. Use a middle initial: it makes you seem more distinct and important 2.

Men and Women are Equal?

In 2015, women hold an increasing number of top leadership positions. The number of women in Congress is at an all-time high. They generally seem to have the same chances as men in all areas of society. So is there still any problem with

The remarkable change to poor kids when their parents get a little more money

When a group of researchers first started this long-term study 20 years ago in rural North Carolina, they didn’t expect to be presented with a sociological godsend. The original goal was simple: to observe the mental condition, performance, and health of 1,420 low-income children.

How To Disagree

The web is turning writing into a conversation. Twenty years ago, writers wrote and readers read. The web lets readers respond, and increasingly they do—in comment threads, on forums, and in their own blog posts. Many who respond to something disagree with it. That’s

7 Things You Need To Understand About Depression

Depression is probably the most common psychiatric problem, impacting easily 20% of the population at some point in their life (16.9% officially in the United States). Depression has a role in normal human development, especially as a reaction to events that require cognitive restructuring.

What makes a man a “real man”?

We are bombarded with hundreds of thousands of models attempting to define masculinity each day. Clearly, in the media there is a glorification of a small number of particular body types above all others. Also, the men that seem to be the “coolest” and

10 Gender Norms We Need To Change

There is a degree of embedded sexism in the expectations we have, and stories we tell, within our culture. I am not talking about words like “humanity” having man in it, but instead about the idea that a stoic woman would be anything but