Prince Ea, also known as Richard Williams, ups the ante set by his historical and viral videos of the past. He touched on humanity’s cost to ourselves and this planet before, but this time he really makes it clear: we, humans, are pushing the boundaries of survival on this planet. We are pushing every one of your favorite animals towards extinction with an extinction rate 1000 times the background rate.

We have managed to cut down over half the trees and lost over half of all wild animals in the last half of a century, and the trendline predicts this is only intensifying instead of improving. This doesn’t have to be this way: each one of us can contribute to the change we need to save ourselves and life on this planet.

Geologically, we have only been for the blink of an eye: a second in the minute that mammals have been around. In that second we have caused destruction that can be qualified as mass extinction, leaving holes in our world more massive than those left by any weapon of mass destruction.