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Study Confirms US Gov Doesn’t Represent The Will Of The People

The United States was originally set to be a Constitutional Republic, although it is often referred to by many as a democracy; both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution fail to address the US as a democracy. Instead, they refer to it as

Hooked On Spying: More Damning NSA Revelations

It seems that government officials can’t begin to justify one public relations disaster before falling head first into the next one. In the latest batch of damning revelations from the U.S. National Security Agency’s (NSA) spy program, PRISM,  it certainly seems as though things

NDAA Passed While Media Preoccupied With Robertson Controversy

Many people have been in a frenzy over the controversy of a certain popular reality show, but while this was going on, last Thursday, the US Senate passed the NDAA, National Defense Authorization Act.  The vote passed 84-15, with all of the nay votes

Manning’s Guilty Verdict, What Does This Mean For Our Future?

Bradley/Chelsea Manning’s verdict is not guilty of aiding the enemy, but he is considered guilty of 20 out of 22 charges, including 6 counts of espionage. The total of his sentence could total 136  years claims Wikileaks .  His sentencing will only start tomorrow

Nelson Mandela’s Legacy, Obama’s Hypocrisy and the Courage of the Whistleblowers

What would be Mandela's take on the issue of those so-called terrorists undergoing massive hunger strike at the military prison at Guantanamo Bay

Stand in Solidarity with Bradley Manning – Feb 23rd Marks 1000 Days Imprisonment

Bradley Manning (the accused wiki-leaks whistle-blower) is facing his 1000th Day Incarcerated without trial.