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Don’t stand up for what you believe in

Many people say “stand up for what you believe in”, the phrase and line of thinking are common in memes across social media, speeches, and inspirational videos. I’m here to tell you not to. I don’t question the intent behind the message, it is

The ‘Quantum Invisibility Cloak’ Video Is A Hoax

The video that shows a man standing in the middle of a bush covering himself with a “quantum invisibility cloak” has received a lot of attention and has caused a lot of excitement on social media. The one-minute clip has been viewed by over

Journalists could face 14 years in prison for leaking official material

“Journalists who obtain leaked official material could be sent to prison under new proposals” according to The Telegraph. New proposals are being brought forward in the U.K., in an overhaul of the Official Secrets Act, that could see journalists jailed for up to 14

Will Putin gift Edward Snowden to Trump to strengthen their relationship?

Recent reports have been circulating that Vladimir Putin is willing to ‘hand over’ Edward Snowden to Donald Trump. The reports originated in an article by former deputy director of the CIA, Michael J. Morell, who wrote: “What better way for President Putin to cement

Abstraction, Art and Afremov

We’ve all seen a brilliant painting or photograph that left us in awe or jovial wonder or heard a musical composition that sent shivers down our spines. The ability of the art to reach beyond its physical constraints. Art allows us to reach beyond the

Scientists say giant asteroid could hit earth next week, causing mass destruction

Scientists have discovered a massive asteroid that is on course to hit the Earth next week, and are scrambling to find a way to divert the object. The asteroid has been named 2016-FI and measures approximately 1 km across. If it strikes a populated

Bill allowing police to withhold body camera video passes Indiana House

Video from police body cameras would not be subject to Freedom of Information laws if a bill passes the legislature. Police departments around the country are investing in body cameras in light of cases like Michael Brown in Ferguson and Laquan McDonald in Chicago.

6 Ways to Tell If That Viral Meme Is a Hoax

“And so it begins … ISIS flag among refugees in Germany fighting the police,” blared the headline on the Conservative Post; “with this new leaked picture, everything seems confirmed”. The image in question purported to show a group of Syrian refugees holding ISIS flags

As Murdoch Eats National Geographic, Here’s A Documentary You Need To See

With billionaire news mogul Rupert Murdoch (of Fox News fame) buying National Geographic it becomes more important than ever to look at the man who controls one of the 6 biggest media empires in the world. This documentary, Outfoxed, presents a detailed study of Murdoch’s

What 16 months of police killings look like in one GIF

The high profile deaths of men, many of whom were black, at the hands law enforcement in the last year—including Freddie Gray, Michael Brown and Eric Garner—have thrust the issue of police killings into the international spotlight. Videos of homeless men being shot or assaulted