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John Oliver, Snowden, and Privacy

If you don’t have time for John Oliver’s piece (which I highly recommend: he mixes humor, satire, and facts well) you hopefully know who Edward Snowden. Snowden is main star of a recent award-winning documentary about him (titled CitizenFour). Snowden helped reveal numerous documents to

Snowden’s ‘CitizenFour’ Wins Top Documentary Award

“CitizenFour,” a documentary about Edward Snowden and NSA spying, has won the International Documentary Association top award for best feature, after it was named the best non-fiction film of 2014. The film won in a category where other nominees were “Finding Vivian Maier,” “Point

NSA Continues To Destroy Evidence Despite Orders To Stop

U.S. District Court Judge Jeffrey White recently ordered the government to stop destroying National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance records and memos which could potentially be used to challenge the legality of its spying programs in court. The ruling fell in the favor of the Electronic

Your Online Pictures Will Be Used To Identify You On CCTV

Despite the growing criticism worldwide for the privacy violations of the NSA, the National Security Agency continues to harvest millions of images of people from the web. These images come from the communications that the NSA intercepts through its global surveillance operation, which comes

Snowden Explains The Danger Of Mass Surveillance

In a brand new interview on NBC, Snowden lays out why the central focus on meta-data is backwards: costing us more than just money while failing to provide more safety, and also costing us our rights on the side. It is not a secret that

NSA Uses Fake Facebook To Spread Malware

As our privacy continues to be invaded by the out-of-control NSA, more details continue to surface about their questionable actions. Released by Edward Snowden, a new report reveals that the agency has repeatedly posed as Facebook in order to install malware capable of spying on

Millions Post About Mandatory Microchips

The Top Information Post website recently published a fearmongering article titled “All European newborn Babies will be Microchipped from May 2014″.  Although the article only consists of 4 short paragraphs, with no source, the story went viral: in 2 days the article was shared

Hooked On Spying: More Damning NSA Revelations

It seems that government officials can’t begin to justify one public relations disaster before falling head first into the next one. In the latest batch of damning revelations from the U.S. National Security Agency’s (NSA) spy program, PRISM,  it certainly seems as though things

Thousands Attend Global Million Mask March

Tens of thousands of individuals around the world have taken to the streets to participate in the Million Mask March which took place on November 5th. Supporters of the Anonymous hacker-activist group orchestrated rallies globally. The date coincides with Guy Fawkes Day, a day

A Weak Attempt At True Reform: USA FREEDOM ACT

Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, Sen. Patrick Leahy, along with Congressman John Conyers, Jr., and Rep. Justin Amash have introduced a successor bill to the Amash-Conyers Amendment, titled the USA Freedom Act [H.R. 3361], which will stop unconstitutional privacy violations by curbing the ongoing mass surveillance