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This map should change the way you think about foreign aid

Criticism of foreign aid centers around the fact that it is largely ineffective at generating sustainable economic development or truly helping the world’s poor. But as this¬†helpful map from the cost information website reveals, one reason for that is that promoting development and

Death Squads Around The World

Death squads are a reality that currently exist currently in many parts of the world and several (if not all) of the squads are guilty of terrorizing and killing thousands of innocent civilians. The killings are often conducted in a way that is meant to

Afghan Opium Production Reaches All Time High

It has been over a decade since the United States first initiated its Operation Enduring Freedom, the official name referring to the war in Afghanistan that started back in 2001. Since the attacks first began, and up until this day, the official US position

Egypt: A New Corporate Persia?

Supporting radical Islamic states under corporate West, and Saudi control was created based on the principle of creating a one world Islamic state.

Who has more access to your data than the Government?

All sorts of legislation are being prepared so that the Government is allowed access to certain data, empowering CSC as the true enabler of record keeping.