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Bill allowing police to withhold body camera video passes Indiana House

Video from police body cameras would not be subject to Freedom of Information laws if a bill passes the legislature. Police departments around the country are investing in body cameras in light of cases like Michael Brown in Ferguson and Laquan McDonald in Chicago.

4 Pictures To See How Google Is Tracking You & How You Can Influence It

It’s no secret that Google collects user data, and although this impacts the majority of us: most of us aren’t aware of exactly how much data is being gathered. After all, how many of us are aware that our voice commands via Android or

New Law Allows Weaponized Police Drones

It’s now legal for police in North Dakota to fly armed drones with tasers, tear gas, rubber bullets, sound cannons, and pepper spray thanks to a last-minute push by a pro-police lobbyist. House Bill 1328 wasn’t drafted to allow “less than lethal” weapons, but then a lobbyist

5 news stories you probably missed this week

This week was a busy week in the news, but if you weren’t paying close attention you could have easily missed some of the most important stories. It might sound surprising, but an attempt to ban WhatsApp and all other forms of end-to-end encrypted

95% of weapons get past TSA in internal check

To determine the effectiveness of what has become one of the most invasive airport security systems in the world, the TSA sent 70 undercover agents with weapons to airports across the USA. Shocking, 67 out of 70 agents managed to get through customs without

Snowden’s ‘CitizenFour’ Wins Top Documentary Award

“CitizenFour,” a documentary about Edward Snowden and NSA spying, has won the International Documentary Association top award for best feature, after it was named the best non-fiction film of 2014. The film won in a category where other nominees were “Finding Vivian Maier,” “Point

Your Face And Voice Are Being Used To Track You

For over a year now, social media data has been being integrated into CCTV networks to more effectively track, identify, and keep automated tabs on individuals. This is already underway, with over 10,000,000 faces already stored, and many more being harvested daily from networks

Your Emotions Can Be Recorded Via Your Keyboard…

A new study by researchers at the Islamic University of Bangladesh investigated whether software could correctly identify the emotion of a person typing on a computer, simply by how long they held down the keys and how fast the participants typed. They found that

Watchlist of Terror Suspects Has Doubled Over Past 4 Years

In recent years, the database that the U.S. government uses to store the names of known or suspected terrorists has doubled in size. The number of names started to ramp dramatically up after an attempted terror attack, which most of us know as the underwear

More than 100 Killed In 4 Days In Gaza As Fighting Continues

As brutal rocket fire exchange is going on between Israeli armed forces and Palestinian resistance groups on the fourth day of “Operation Protective Edge”, the death toll from Israeli air strikes on Gaza has risen to more 100, according to Palestinian and international sources.