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Secession to be put on the ballot in California in 2018

The victory of Donald Trump as the president of the United States was being dreaded by several members of the American electorate. Some of them had even vowed to leave the country if he won. However, instead of this action, they may have another

Planning to visit the US? Be ready to share your passwords!

The Secretary of Homeland Security, John Kelly, was questioned about the Muslim ban by the House Homeland Security Committee when he revealed some information about an unexpected strategy under consideration; demanding passwords of US visa applicants. He was questioned about “increased and enhanced use

Deadly new disease threatens largest wheat producing region

Researchers warn of a stem rust that could have returned to the largest wheat producing region in the world. Last year in Sicily, wheat crops were affected by a new and unusually harmful fungal infection, say researchers. Its spores could infect the harvest this year

Decree decriminalizing corruption withdrawn after mass protests in Romania

Following the largest protests in decades, the Romanian government has decided to withdraw a decree that decriminalizes grant offences and has backed down on a controversial plan to water down anti-corruption laws. The Romanian government’s decision to withdraw a decree that decriminalizes minor corruption