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What’s the problem with Bioenergy?

It’s a common assumption that bioenergy is a new green technology, or at least one that is a better alternative to current fossil fuels, but this often isn’t the case. Statistics behind bioenergy look impressive on the face of it. 33.6% of energy in

Millions Post About Mandatory Microchips

The Top Information Post website recently published a fearmongering article titled “All European newborn Babies will be Microchipped from May 2014″.  Although the article only consists of 4 short paragraphs, with no source, the story went viral: in 2 days the article was shared

Russian Black Sea Fleet to have Permanent Mediterranean Presence

Russian Navy chief Admiral Viktor Chirkov said that there will be a permanent presence of five to six warships from the Black Sea Fleet stationed in the Mediterranean. One or two of these will likely be supply ships to support the guided missile destroyers