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Massive Methane Leak Spewing 50,000Kg/h For Months, No End In Sight

The methane stream that has been spewing for months over an underground natural gas reservoir near the affluent community of Porter Ranch (north of Los Angeles) illustrates “gaping vulnerabilities” in oversight and enforcement of greenhouse gas pollution rules, a California newspaper editorial board declared

14 Qualities Of A Fascist Government

Fascism is a word thrown around a lot, typically used to describe far-right wing groupings. What might be surprising for some is that many of the most fascist regimes in history, including the Nazis, were in many ways politically centrist… they just happened to

How the Obama administration shielded Wall Street from prosecutions

Similar to how the Obama administration simply forgave and forgot war crimes and illegal wiretapping during the Bush administration, the Obama administration offered the same type of amnesty for banks and bankers who had bitten off more than they could chew in 2008. Society’s

Smartphones can be hacked with an unseen text, says Snowden

The spy agencies of at least Europe and the U.S. (but also likely China), have tools that allow them to take over smartphones with just a text message, and according to Edward Snowden. He added that there is “very little” that their owners can

Nestle being sued for $100 million for high levels of lead in food

The Indian government has announced that it is suing mega corporation Nestle over claims it deceptively allowed unsafe and illegal levels of lead in packages of Maggi instant noodles, which is one of the company’s most popular products. The lawsuit, which seeks nearly $100 million

Jon Oliver exposes huge problems in our mental health system

Jon Oliver covers mental health in his newest episode of Last Week Tonight and touches on many topics that we have written about on this site. Jon Oliver is correct to mention that our treatment of the mentally ill, now and historically, has been

The inhumanity of US drug prices compared to other countries

Former hedge funder Martin Shkreli, who hiked the price of an AIDS pill by 5500 percent overnight, is only the latest example of price gouging in the pharmaceutical industry, specifically targetting the largely unregulated U.S. market. But he isn’t the only one doing this, and

Inside Exxon’s Great Climate Cover-Up

ExxonMobil is maybe the most profitable company in the world, and also probably the biggest funder of climate change denial in the world. Although suspicion has long existed that ExxonMobil understood the dangers of “business as usual” regarding fossil fuel extraction and use, evidence

Why So Many Americans Defend Capitalism and Corporatism

Capitalism has worked well for big business and for the people with stocks and estates. But for the past 35 years our economic system, stripped of sensible regulations, has poisoned the nation with deadly inequality and driven much of middle America to an ever-widening lower class.

As Murdoch Eats National Geographic, Here’s A Documentary You Need To See

With billionaire news mogul Rupert Murdoch (of Fox News fame) buying National Geographic it becomes more important than ever to look at the man who controls one of the 6 biggest media empires in the world. This documentary, Outfoxed, presents a detailed study of Murdoch’s