Jon Oliver covers mental health in his newest episode of Last Week Tonight and touches on many topics that we have written about on this site.

Jon Oliver is correct to mention that our treatment of the mentally ill, now and historically, has been something less than sub-par. The inhuman treatments of the 19th and early 20th century moving into the current cognitive-behavioral pharmaceutical models of treatment that we now know of now.

With 1/2 of those killed by police¬†suffering primarily from mental illness instead committing any crime or displaying any evil intent, we should not be shocked to learn that many mentally ill people simply end up on the streets (being bussed along, as Jon Oliver discusses above) or even in the prisons. And while we are on the topic of prisons, we can mention that there exist effective means of rehabilitation… unfortunately they are largely ignored. The issue is that rehabilitation, for prisoners and the mentally ill, is not profitable or incentivized in a privatized system unless sufficient regulation and transparency exists.