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A Message For 2016 And Beyond

Prince Ea, also known as Richard Williams, ups the ante set by his historical and viral videos of the past. He touched on humanity’s cost to ourselves and this planet before, but this time he really makes it clear: we, humans, are pushing the

World’s first ocean cleaning system will be deployed in 2016

It is estimated that the majority of the world’s plastic, of which hundreds of millions of kilograms are produced each year, ends up in the world’s ocean. Once in the ocean it doesn’t float around aimlessly as might be expected, but instead it ends

Sarah Silverman’s suggestion for feeding the world is good

Sarah Silverman famously suggested that we need to “sell the Vatican, feed the world” in 2009: Now, the video is not to be taken too seriously, but the idea isn’t that far from the truth. About 67-85 people control as much wealth as 1/2

There’s a reason only Iceland repaid all its debts ahead of time and revived its economy

Iceland stands alone in having repaid all of its debts following the financial crisis of 2008. Their ability to do this was not based on their belief in elves or their relatively small population, but instead based on the dedication their population to demand

Two massive protests you might have missed this weekend

This weekend was an exciting one globally: hundreds of thousands of people took the streets to protest and stand in solidarity. Despite the large turnout, relatively few cameras were covering either the anti-TTIP protest in Berlin (around 150,000 people) or the million man march

10 things you can do every day to change the world

Life doesn’t always offer us ways of making major changes overnight, either to ourselves or our environments, but it frequently offers us chances to take tiny steps that together can add up to major changes for both ourselves and those around us. 1. Don’t

Protests and government response escalate in “garbage crisis”

Anti-government protesters began a sit-in inside the Environmental Ministry building in Beirut on Tuesday, calling on minister to resign over the garbage crisis that has ignited violent protests in Beirut. The minister has refused to resign even though piles of garbage have been left uncollected for weeks since

There is a bee crisis, but not the one you’re thinking of

If you’re a regular person, you probably think of bees as those fluffy flying insects that also make honey. Well, that isn’t wrong, but it also only describes the honey-bee. Ironically, although this bee is featured in the thumbnail of pretty much every article

The largest crop in America needs a rethink

Contrary to what you might have heard, the most commonly grown crop in the United States is not genetically modified or meant for any industrial or nutritional uses. The most commonly grown crop in the U.S. is grass, not the smokeable kind, and it is

Earth Overshoot 2015: In Debt Even Earlier Than Last Year

Each year, humans use more of the planet’s natural resources than it is able to regenerate. According to Robert Costanza et al in 2014, we are losing the estimated net value of approximately $20 trillion a year. The day of the year when we