Sarah Silverman famously suggested that we need to “sell the Vatican, feed the world” in 2009:

Now, the video is not to be taken too seriously, but the idea isn’t that far from the truth. About 67-85 people control as much wealth as 1/2 of all humans, each one of those individuals has enough money to create a non-profit capable of ending world hunger.

After all, no one is starving because they would be unable to get food, but because governments and companies tend to conspire in the name of maximum profit¬†and ignore their need for food. If the government agrees to sell or lease the nation’s more productive land to impersonalized corporations who can make more money growing coffee than food, then your population soon finds themselves lacking food (this example is not that different from what is going on in Ethiopia).

As Sarah Silverman suggested: we need to ask/demand that the most powerful and able look beyond their short-sighted self-interest and gain global respect for going beyond themselves.