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A Message For 2016 And Beyond

Prince Ea, also known as Richard Williams, ups the ante set by his historical and viral videos of the past. He touched on humanity’s cost to ourselves and this planet before, but this time he really makes it clear: we, humans, are pushing the

14 Qualities Of A Fascist Government

Fascism is a word thrown around a lot, typically used to describe far-right wing groupings. What might be surprising for some is that many of the most fascist regimes in history, including the Nazis, were in many ways politically centrist… they just happened to

U.S. is #4 in “development” but only #24 in “sustainable development”

The UN’s famous Human Development Index (HDI) is a little over 20 years old. Of all the world’s indices, the HDI is surely one of the most widely cited. It ranks countries by the quality of life they give to their people. Its brilliance lies

Sarah Silverman’s suggestion for feeding the world is good

Sarah Silverman famously suggested that we need to “sell the Vatican, feed the world” in 2009: Now, the video is not to be taken too seriously, but the idea isn’t that far from the truth. About 67-85 people control as much wealth as 1/2

Dear Future Generations: Sorry

Prince Ea, St.Louis rapper, poet, anthropologist, and lyricist, really hits a chord with me in this video. He starts off by taking our problems to a very real extreme: that our rampant habitat destruction (killing off roughly half of all wild animals in the

Neil de Grasse Tyson Shares The Most Important Fact Of Our Lives

You and I, much like our planet and even our sun, are made of atoms created in “molecular clouds” also know as “stellar nurseries.” These clouds  make up less than 1% of our galaxy, yet are the  most dense and most productive regions within the

Morgan Freeman Understands What’s Going On, Do You?

This visual collage, with a moving voiceover by Morgan Freeman, is an effective yet honest portrayal of our situation on this planet. I honestly cannot express it any better than him. “In the beginning there was Earth, paradise, an unspoiled sanctuary of beauty… The

This Video Made Me Understand My Unity With The Universe

This 5 minute video shows a compilation of a great deal of human knowledge, and does so efficiently, artistically, and impressively. If you didn’t know: you will better understand. Anything you did know, will be refreshed and become more accessible to you. It helped

Top 5 Questions About Georgia Guidestones

Called America’s most mysterious monument by many, the structure of the Georgia Guidestones are referred to as an “American Stonehenge” by some, and the “Commandments for a New Age of Reason” by others. At the center of each tablet edge is a small circle, each

Dehumanized: Will Arabs Forgive Them?

He lives in a tent. He rides a camel. He carries a sword on his back. She’s a seductive belly dancer. She lives in a harem. She only exists for male pleasure. They are Arabs. The negative images of Arabs had long been emblazoned