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7 Scientific Falsehoods That Didn’t Go Out Without A Fight

Science doesn’t stand still, and, in fact, its usefulness as a driver of knowledge is rooted in this fact. Unfortunately, when a theory is disproven in the scientific field it doesn’t necessarily disappear from the mind of the average person. Most of these myths

28 Nikola Tesla quotes to make you think

Nikola Tesla is often called the man who invented the 20th century, and there are lots of good reasons for that. He has become as famous, although at a later point, as many of his contemporaries, like Marie Curie and Albert Einstein. Nikola Tesla

Only 1 year of water left in California, NASA scientist suggests rationing

  NASA’s top water scientist says California only has about one year’s worth of water left in storage, and its groundwater – often used as a backup for reservoirs and other reserves – is rapidly depleting. He suggests immediately rationing water. California just had

Neil de Grasse Tyson Shares The Most Important Fact Of Our Lives

You and I, much like our planet and even our sun, are made of atoms created in “molecular clouds” also know as “stellar nurseries.” These clouds  make up less than 1% of our galaxy, yet are the  most dense and most productive regions within the

The dirty secret “renewable” companies keep quiet about

It isn’t something often mentioned, but it still threatens to tear the “green” label off of most available renewable energy sources. The reality of 99% of “green energy,” from solar panels to wind turbines, is that it requires rare earth elements. Although progress is

What’s Going On With The Antarctic Ice?

The story is similar to what I wrote about the relative ice growth and loss in 2013: Antarctic ice is growing while Arctic ice is lost… the end result is then, probably not very shocking to anyone paying much attention, that we are overall

Volcanoes Do Not Form How You Think They Do

The classic theory about how volcanic eruptions occur has been essentially disproven. The dominant theory of the last quarter century asserts that “mantle plumes,” driven by the heat of the molten core, shoot up into the world and create new volcanic eruptions. A joint research

Teenage Girl Invents A Way To Clean Water & Make Electricity

Titled “H2Pro”, Cynthia Sin Naga Lam’s ingenious invention should create a more than affordable method for millions to gain access to clean water and electricity. Her submission to Google’s Science Fair competition lays out the project, which first originated from her interest in photocatalytic processes

14 Interesting Facts You Don’t Know About Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was an electrical engineer, inventor and one of the most outstanding physicists in the history of science. But beyond his brilliant work, some aspects of his life remain unspoken in the pages of history. Tesla registered more than 300 patents and became famous for developing AC (alternating current),

SpaceX Turns Sci-Fi into Reality

SpaceX designs, manufactures and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft. The company was founded in 2002 to revolutionize space technology, with the ultimate goal of enabling people to live on other planets. –About SpaceX If you like science fiction books, shows and movies then you’ve