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WMD used in the Assassination of Kim Jong-nam in Malaysia

The reports emerging from the investigation into the assassination of Kim Jong-nam in Malaysia suggest a hair-raising aspect of an already unsettling matter. Two women dressed as ordinary tourists attacked the half-brother of current Supreme Leader of the hermit state North Korea. The operation

Is Jacob Rothschild Behind The Disappearance of Flight MH370?

Perhaps the most popular conspiracy theory regarding the missing Malaysian plane MH370 is that Jacob Rothschild is behind it, so that he could profit by being the sole owner of a patent. Much like the leaked image Diego Garcia MH370 story, the information originated on

Is Missing Plane MH370 at Diego Garcia?

Is the missing Malaysian Airlines plane MH370, a Boeing 777, being held at a remote island called Diego Garcia? The claim appears to have originated on the internet forum 4chan, unfortunately the original post has been removed by 4chan admins, however a mirror website

Philosophy, Reason and Enlightenment Through Critical Thinking: A Review

Philosophy opens our minds, pushes us to reason, question things, which thus prepares the perfect grounds for critical thinking.