Perhaps the most popular conspiracy theory regarding the missing Malaysian plane MH370 is that Jacob Rothschild is behind it, so that he could profit by being the sole owner of a patent.

Much like the leaked image Diego Garcia MH370 story, the information originated on the anonymous forum and was removed from the website by the administrators, but a copy was backed up on the mirror website


This has been reported by sources including Before It’s, Leuren Moret & Alfred Webre, and countless other websites and YouTube videos. Regardless of the theory’s popularity, the information doesn’t add up at all.

Here is a breakdown:

The patent has 1 patent holder, not 5 as claimed, as we can see from the front page of the patent itself, the remaining 4 people mentioned are the inventors/applicants.



Freescale news release did state that 20 of its employees were passengers on MH370, but did not release a list of names.

The 4 people listed on the patent have not been reported as missing, and do not appear on the flight manifest.

If the patent had multiple shareholders and 1 or more of them dies, their share of the patent would be inherited by their family members through the usual inheritance process, unless prior arrangements had been made.

The fact that Freescale Semiconductors holds the patent also doesn’t mean that Jacob Rothschild owns the patent. Jacob Rothschild is a member of the International Advisory Board for Blackstone Group, a company with many large shareholders. Freescale Semiconductor also has many major shareholders, with an equal amount held by The Carlyle Group, Blackstone Group, and TPG Capital.

The popularity of this conspiracy theory shows us the lack of fact checking many people are willing to do, and how gullible people are, even those that are publishers and owners of websites with large fanbases.