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Who Are The Women Waging War On Environmental Damage?

They are your mothers, your sisters, your daughters and your friends. They are housewives, lawyers, doctors, scientists and artists. They represent everyone who feels that their voice is being muted or devalued. When, where and who? On January 21st, 2017, the day after Donald

Scientists say giant asteroid could hit earth next week, causing mass destruction

Scientists have discovered a massive asteroid that is on course to hit the Earth next week, and are scrambling to find a way to divert the object. The asteroid has been named 2016-FI and measures approximately 1 km across. If it strikes a populated

Children have a psychological bias towards creationism, now it’s taught in schools

A Gallup poll suggests that 42% of Americans believe in a creationist account for explaining the existence of human kind. This is a surprising figure considering the overwhelming evidence and consensus for evolution by natural selection. Unfortunately, the creationist angle is strengthened by people such as

10 things you can do every day to change the world

Life doesn’t always offer us ways of making major changes overnight, either to ourselves or our environments, but it frequently offers us chances to take tiny steps that together can add up to major changes for both ourselves and those around us. 1. Don’t

Lebron using $41 million to send 1100 kids to college

The great basketball player Lebron James has just committed a magnanimous offer of a free four year college education to at least 1,100 poor minority children. At an average cost of approximately $40,000 (Akron University) per student, this amounts to at least $41,000,000 million

The completely free, safe, 99.6% effective way to avoid pregnancy

I was recently discussing birth control with friends of mine, about the various costs and advantages of each system. We discussed condoms, emphasizing their relative safety in use (for preventing both pregnancy and disease). We also discussed “the pill,” which the Germans call “the

What happens when you sneakily give McDonalds to organic food experts?

This isn’t simply a theoretical question: That’s exactly what this group of pranksters did in the Netherlands. Although the video isn’t in English, you can see from the tone (also, know that lecker is delicious) that the people thought that the McDonalds food was great, and

6 things everyone needs to know about sex and consent

1. “The basis of sexual relationships are respect, equality and a respect for each other’s needs and boundaries.” I am sure that most of the readers of this entry will agree with this statement. So far so good. But how can it be explained

Beyond ‘romance’ of organics: 6 ignored sustainable practices organic proponents should embrace

Almost any farmer or consumer could agree on the following ideals for our agricultural system: “Farming in ways that are best for us, best for the environment, and best for providing an adequate food supply.” I believe that these are the goals and ideals

In what size do women feel most comfortable and attractive?

The short answer is, according to the most recent research: what they think men find attractive. The research only included heterosexual women, which is why the word is “men,” but can be easily taken to mean prospective partners. The research by Andrea Meltzer and