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Claiming “conspiracy” is a simple escape for gullible people, according to new research

Now, this isn’t an attempt to claim every conspiracy is simply illusion. Individuals conspire all the time in private, economic, and political settings to maximize personal profit, and both big tobacco and big oil have conspired to discredit science and skew public perception about

Nigeria Now Free of Ebola: Not A Miracle

Nigeria, the west African industrial powerhouse with a population of 174 million, which fired 16,000 doctors as Ebola extended into its borders… is now completely free of Ebola. Yes, you read that correctly: Ebola has not been seen for over 2 “infection periods” of

Ebola Vaccine Going Live In Mali

The “anti-Ebola vaccine” has moved from animal trials in the United Kingdom to direct application in Mali. Health experts at the World Health Organization have decided against the traditional human trials using a “double-blind” methodology, where both the doctor and the patient are unclear as

Italian Scientists May Have Illegally Sold Dangerous Viruses

A 10 year Italian police investigation, involving wiretapping and the surveillance of approximately 40 people, apparently uncovered the illegal conspiracy to profit off avian flu outbreaks and undocumented trading of virus/vaccine. Among other researchers, Ilaria Capua apparently collaborated with executives at an Italian animal vaccine company, Merial,

Real Risks, And Real Benefits, Of Vaccines

New techniques may enable us to perfect the art of vaccination, but only if we are willing to listen to the science and keep digging for answers.