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Looking at the “Evidence” in the Steven Avery case

Since the Netflix series “Making A Murderer” was released on December 18th, thousands have come into contact with the story of Steven Avery and, indirectly, his nephew Brendan Dassey. Thousands of calls and emails have been streaming into Manitowoc county, Wisconsin since it was

Cop shoots unarmed man 2 times in back: cleared of charges

David Kassick can be seen struggling on the ground on his belly, writhing in pain for the taser. Hummelstown police officer Mearkle continues to tase him again and again, somehow believing borderline torture would improve the situation. Apparently threatened by the cries of pain

Sex offenses out of control in police departments, more than 1000 fired

In a yearlong investigation of sexual misconduct by U.S. law enforcement, The Associated Press uncovered that at least 1,000 officers lost their badges and certification in a six-year period for rape and other forms of sexual assault; sex crimes that included possession of child

Border Patrol Agent Who Shot Teen 10X Through Fence Is Now Indicted

Lonnie Swartz is becoming the first U.S Border Patrol agent to be convicted of murder in a cross-border shooting. A federal grand jury indicted Mr. Swartz for second-degree murder on Wednesday (23rd of September 2015) in the 2012 death of 16-year-old Mexican citizen Jose Antonio Elena

Looking at why police don’t cross the blue line

People, myself included, frequently wonder why police are often so tollerant of the sometimes unjust actions of their fellow police, and why so often internal investigations turn up “no wrongdoing.” Retired police Captain Ray Lewis took up the question, and wrote the following response:

Man jailed for $5 theft found dead in cell

In yet another strange case where a person has died of “natural causes” (or suicide) while in police custody, Jamycheal Mitchell was found dead in his cell in Portsmouth, Virginia. Initially jailed for stealing a snickers, mountain dew, and a Zebra cake totalling $5,

Walmart & others selling “supplements” containing NONE of the listed ingredients

The New York State Attorney General’s Office is demanding that GNC, Walmart, Walgreens, and Target remove store brand herbal supplements from their shelves after the pills were found to be packed with a strange array of fraudulent—and in some cases hazardous—ingredients. Popular supplements such

“Totally Innocent” Man Shot Dead By NYPD: “Just An Accident”

A rookie NYPD officer “accidentally” shot and killed an unarmed African-American man in a staircase in a New York apartment block. It happened as Ferguson is tensely waiting for a grand jury decision on a police officer who shot Michael Brown. Akai Gurley, 28,

Darren Wilson Walks Free, But Nobody Is Shocked

The world turns its head again towards Ferguson, which as my activist friends there will attest: never stepped back from demanding justice for the death of Michael Brown. For anyone who managed to miss this, of which I think there are few even where

How Can We Solve Society’s Pedophile Problem?

There are a lot of voices that protest that all pedophiles are monsters, subhuman, or not worthy of life. But, isn’t this position forgetting that a person’s impulses do not equal their personality, does it not ignore chances for change or creating strategies help