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Will Putin gift Edward Snowden to Trump to strengthen their relationship?

Recent reports have been circulating that Vladimir Putin is willing to ‘hand over’ Edward Snowden to Donald Trump. The reports originated in an article by former deputy director of the CIA, Michael J. Morell, who wrote: “What better way for President Putin to cement

As Murdoch Eats National Geographic, Here’s A Documentary You Need To See

With billionaire news mogul Rupert Murdoch (of Fox News fame) buying National Geographic it becomes more important than ever to look at the man who controls one of the 6 biggest media empires in the world. This documentary, Outfoxed, presents a detailed study of Murdoch’s

Fear & FEMA-Camps: Looking Behind The Hype

Fear is a powerful emotion that drives us to act without thought. In fact, this is why we evolved fear—as a protective mechanism. Our ancestors, while walking through the wilds of Africa, did not have time to stop and ponder the best course of

Mainstream Media Pushes Hoax Video Against The Syrian Government

On 11 Nov 2014, various websites, including The Telegraph, posted one-minute viral clip purporting to show a boy of around 8 years old get up after being hit by gunfire and save another child stranded in the middle of the road under a burnt-out

Debunking: A Truth-Seeker’s Best Friend

The irony of much of the online “truth” movement is that many of them consider truth to be whatever they agree with. Whether this means relying on “mother’s intuition” or some unnamed source quoting unnamed studies carried out by unnamed scientists, is of miniscule

Is The US A Bigger Threat To The World Than ISIS?

In newly published survey, students at Harvard University revealed that they think America is a bigger threat to world peace than ISIS. The results were revealed during an interview by Campus Reform, a self-styled ‘campus watchdog’ for conservative students. The students were asked by

ISIS Executes New Aid Worker As Fear Continues to Rise

Between 20,000 and 31,500 fighters are now battling alongside ISIS, as the Central Intelligence Agency believes (as reported by CNN). While many members of Congress claimed that about 12,000 foreigners – from all countries – have traveled to Syria for the same reason. This number

Gaza Oil and Gas: The Real Reason Behind War?

The death toll from Israeli violence in Gaza approached 1000 Palestinians by the 26th of July; the number is increasing, according to reports from hospitals and emergency care workers and activists there. The United Nations estimated that 80% of the dead were civilians, including a lot

NBC Removed Its Reporter After He Saw Israel Murdering Kids

After witnessing the killing of four Palestinian boys of the same family by Israeli forces on a the beach of Gaza, as they played soccer, NBC News correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin (who has received advanced glorification for his courageous and innovative coverage of the war) was ordered by NBC

Obama is “Fighting” Al Qaeda by Giving Them $500,000,000?

On Thursday, June 26, President Obama asked Congress to approve $500 million to train and arm what he called “moderate” members of opposition forces in Syria. He claims the funds would help Syrians defend against forces aligned with President Bashar al-Assad, and would also counter Islamist militants