fearFear is a powerful emotion that drives us to act without thought. In fact, this is why we evolved fear—as a protective mechanism. Our ancestors, while walking through the wilds of Africa, did not have time to stop and ponder the best course of action when a lion jumped out of the bushes and began chasing down our poor ancestor in search of its next meal. To pause meant to perish, therefore we evolved fear to take control and get us to safety without our pesky consciousness slowing us down as it pondered the meaning of the event.

The problem is that today we are no longer in danger of being eaten by a lion, but the same fear mechanism acts as if we are. It reacts without thinking as if the body is in peril. People who wish to control us can therefore manipulate this facet of the human mind.

One of the areas we are told represents a threat in today’s world is the so-called FEMA camps. The alarmists tell us that the government is operationalizing these camps and they are preparing to round up thousands if not millions of Americans to be placed into them. They tell us that this is part of a larger plan to implement martial law and to take over the people of this nation. They point to government documents that speak of the role the clergy is to play inside of these camps to aid the government in keeping the people calm, and that the clergy are being recruited as we speak. They said that these camps were being commissioned all across the country. Sounds scary. And what sounds even scarier is that the alarmists are absolutely right.

Sort of. This is an example of being factually accurate on every point and yet still being wrong. How? Let me recast the FEMA camps in a new light.

After 9/11, the nation was frightened about the threat of future terrorist attacks, and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was implemented. The focus was almost exclusively on terrorism. Then in 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. Thousands of people were killed, and many thousands more were driven from their homes. There was nowhere to put all of these people, so the Superdome was opened up and the people were herded into there.


The problems that followed were horrendous. Food was in short supply. Water was a scarce resource. Thousands of people were crammed in together in the aftermath of a tragedy that destroyed the belongings, homes, and neighborhoods of most. There were few police resources to protect the people and no way of differentiating a criminal from any other refugee; therefore, law-abiding citizens were left unprotected as some criminals robbed from them what little they had, attacked them, and sometimes raped the women.

As a result of Katrina, the government learned that in the event of a catastrophe, housing, feeding, and protecting the displaced people was a high priority. That led to a rethinking of how to best handle large numbers of displaced American citizens in the aftermath of future natural disasters, or worse, in the aftermath of a terrorist attack using a chemical, biological, radioactive, or nuclear bomb.

It was determined that it would be wise to re-commission old prison facilities and other government buildings that were sitting unused across the country. It was determined that the best time to prepare for the needs of thousands or even millions of people was before the next catastrophe rather than waiting till after so as to better care for the needs of our people. Thus FEMA was tasked with operationalizing these facilities. FEMA has been working with clergy so as to help provide comfort to the survivors of such an attack. FEMA has been looking at implementing martial law inside of these facilities, not to control people indefinitely, but to protect them during the short time they may have to stay. Seems somehow less threatening now, does it not?


Some will still argue that the government will build these facilities for good purposes but use them for bad, therefore we should be against it. By that logic, we should be against anything the government does because anything created can be used for harm. The real question to ask is this: Do you want your government to have facilities to house you temporarily should you be displaced due to a terrorist attack or a natural disaster? Do you want criminals to attack you without consequence during a time of displacement, or do you want strong controls in place to protect you? And will it really be so bad to have ministers there to comfort and console those who are afraid?

You see…the alarmist will make a devil out of everything and tell you to forever remain afraid. When the facts are known, the truth is frequently far less frightening… but not always.